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How to choose a heater

These devices are easy to installation and operation, and their prices are quite democratic.Most heaters are plastic housing, which is a heating element (usually a spiral filament) and a fan.The latter is designed to drive air through the heater, taking it from a cold room, and giving heated.Because of this this type of equipment can fairly quickly warm the room to a comfortable temperature.

power heaters varies between 1-2 kW depending on the model.But selling is dominated mainly dvuhkillovatnye models because their heating capacity can be changed by using the built-in thermostat.As the heating element can be used not only spiral filament, but also a ceramic heater.Due to its special design, it does not require high heat, and therefore less air dries and burns oxygen.Built-in fan heater, natural noise.But manufacturers are trying to use the devices in their "quiet" fans.

fan heater is easy to find space even in a small room.Moreover, most of the models can be operated not only on the floor but al

so on a desk or even on a bookshelf.If necessary, the device can be quickly transferred from one room to another.Even if the room is large and the heat it is not possible, you can put the heater closer to him and bask on health.

almost all instruments provided a carrying handle and a decorative grille prevents you from touching on the fan and heater.But in order to "communicate" with the heater was safer, manufacturers can equip it not only thermostat and protection against overheating and even tipping over.Therefore, "in which case" the instrument will turn off immediately.So the likelihood that it will become a source of fire is very small.

minimum feature set of the simple heater next one mode (for heating) and protection against overheating.But the bulk of the forced sale of heaters have a three-position selector switch.The first mode - the maximum heating, the second - half and three - blowing mode (without heating).Depending on whether a cold room, can involve a particular heating mode, and if the window summer and hot in the room, a heater can be used as a conventional fan.

Typically, fan heaters use electro-mechanical control.But there are "advanced" model, which includes not turning the switch, and by using the keypad.With its help and selected mode.The presence of the display makes it easy to read information about the desired heating temperature, the current mode of operation and so on. D. The electronic control system built-in thermostat is much more precise electromechanical.In addition, it can ensure that the building (eg unheated suburban house) does not freeze.As soon as the temperature of the air inside the house to fall to 5 ° C, the device turns to heating mode.Typically, heaters are equipped with an electronically controlled timer on and off, as well as the remote control.

Some devices allow to evenly distribute warm air around the room due to the fact that the rotating body feature, which is located on the base.During operation it rotates 120-160 °.This feature can be disabled so that it can use at its discretion.On sale you can also meet heater with vertical deviation with respect to the stand, however, at a very slight angle.

Where else can use heaters?Due to the high velocity of the heated air, these devices will find their application in unheated cottage, in a cool garage or shed damp.It is important here that the compact heater is always a place in the trunk of a car.Well, under construction or repair of a building to replace the heater is simply nothing.But the main thing to consider one thing: a built-in fan to create a powerful air flow, so before turning on the device you want to remove the dust from the premises that it did not have, for example, on the painted surface of a wall.

when operating heater, it is important to remember that it is intensely dry air in the room, because of which decreases humidity.To restore it, use the heater in conjunction with a humidifier.Despite the fact that the heater is unpretentious work, try not to have it close to furniture, clothes and curtains.And it is in any case not cover the appliance!If the heater is provided a strainer, do not forget to flush it out.

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