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How to choose multivarku for cooking healthy and delicious food

If you decide to move to a qualitatively new level of cooking at home, you multivarka - this is exactly what you need.

In Multivarki can prepare almost any dish, it is not only delicious, but most importantly - incredibly helpful.There are many recipes for cooking in Multivarki, starting and ending with sophisticated baking meat delicacies.In addition, one of the main advantages Multivarki is saving your time, you can control yourself the time and mode of preparation of any chosen dish.

Now there is no need to make lots of unnecessary space kitchen appliances multivarka able to combine several conventional kitchen "helpers."It will be indispensable and if you are expecting guests, and time to prepare very little.Multivarki will prepare several dishes in a relatively short period of time, not only leaving the familiar taste of your favorite dishes, but also to increase their taste, plus, preserving all the nutrients and vitamins.

If your friends and acquaintances already multivarka, they certainly

had time to tell you about its benefits.But if those friends who use this device you have, and you yourself never used this kitchen appliance, the choice Multivarki can be quite a difficult question.

in help from various online resources, forums, which offer a discussion of kitchen equipment which communicate lovers of good food and those who do not enjoy the first day of Multivarki.

Before purchasing Multivarki decide for yourself a number of questions:

  • where you will be multivarka.Depending on the model, Multivarki take up more space than the classic kettle or blender;
  • approximate frequency of use of the new instrument;
  • Decide firm multivarku you want to buy;
  • Discover the ins and outs of the chosen model Multivarki, learn about its main characteristics and read customer reviews.

Practical advice on choosing Multivarki:

  1. desirable that the possibility Multivarki were wide enough.From cooking and extinguishing products, finishing cooking means cooking and, of course, the creation of "masterpieces" flour origin (cakes, pastries, etc.);
  2. Pay attention to the volume inside the removable bowl Multivarki.They come in 2.5 to 5 liters.The more you plan on spending time in the kitchen for Multivarki, and the greater the number of family members you need to feed, so it is recommended to select a greater volume;
  3. Bowl Multivarki closed tight lid having a sealed valve.Check the functionality of the cover and the valve in cooking should be possible ingress of air into Multivarki;
  4. Internal coating Multivarki optimally choose non-stick frying meat.There are also five-layer coating with marble coating.Both options will last a long time and hassle in the process of operation does not deliver;
  5. Even during the use of pressure cookers was the concept of "soft release of steam."The same principle is and Multivarki.Choose multivarku with this function, the completion of cooking, steam accumulated inside will gradually emerge from the instrument;
  6. Note the wide range of functions (features) Multivarki future.Any Multivarki special microprocessor controls, and program change using the touch screen.It would be great if all of your current operation in the process of cooking appears on the display;
  7. There is a special timer with the possibility of delaying the start of cooking.It is very convenient for making "blanks" in the evening to get a warm and delicious meal in the morning (for example, cottage cheese casserole);
  8. Have heating mode, the more the better.The optimum time to 12 hours;
  9. number of modes and programs for cooking may vary multivarok.Here, the choice is yours, everything depends on the eating habits and what is acquired multivarka;
  10. Weight Multivarki.Average weight is about 3 kg, while the unit will not take up much space in the kitchen;
  11. Useful additional fines came with Multivarki - cups, measuring spoons, containers for storage of ready-made dishes.

list can continue indefinitely, because we live in the modern world, and functionality multivarok constantly improved.

Come seriously to the choice of this device, and it will delight you with delicious and healthy meals for years.