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How to choose a garment steamer

How vybratpravilny steamer

Although the instruments themselves as a separate steamer in prodazhepoyavilis relatively recently, but they have gained popularity istanovyatsya more popular, with even some prodvinutyemodeli irons lose them in popularity.

And it is quite natural, because except that otparivatelvypolnyaet straightening and smoothing material, it is still capable of vyvoditustoychivye contamination.With it you can quickly and effektivnoprodezinfitsirovat toys, fabrics and some things like laundry.Provestichistku surfaces that can not be washed, in addition otparivatelzamechatelno eliminates odor, and at a certain mode of operation capable of ubivatpylevyh mites.Of course, this set of functions will interest many housewives aglavnoe that do not need to apply numerous household chemicals, ie,netnikakogo harm to health and the environment.

In order to select the right steamer before pokupkoynuzhno sit down and carefully respond to four important points:

  • for which the amount of work
    you need a steamer, etomozhet be a professional use, or in the home and only dlyaglazhki clothing;
  • public functions of stripping and more often you vsegonuzhdaetes;
  • public money within the steamer you can buy;
  • what you prefer ergonomics steamer or egoraznoobraznoy functionality.

response to these points, you get a full picture of what you'd better buy.As a rule, such a question arises, if you sebezhelaete make a gift and do not know what you want.

Immediately is to say that if you get bytovuyutehniku ​​personal or professional use, in this sluchaeotparivatel, be sure to Treat carefully to its parameters, kotoryevnosyat definition and possibilities of the instrument.

Opredelyayuschieparametry appliance

With regard to the parameters steamer, then there is obratitvnimanie on the amount of water to the reservoir on the power unit, iergonomiku size, number of helpful features and functionality in general.

Currently steamers are divided into two kategoriimoschnosti:

  • universal steamers, more than 1,800 watts of power.Takoypribor allow to steam almost any tissue, about 97%;
  • steamer with a capacity of up to 1800 watts at such priborovogranichitel stands on thick fabrics such as blankets, denim material plotnyhkurtok etc.

Accordingly, the higher power and wider possibilities temvyshe price steamer.If you choose it for home use, the vampodoydut the simplest models, though of course there are no boundaries and you can priobrestiuniversalny.If you are engaged in professional activities, such as workshops, clothes shops and similar areas that naturally nuzhnopriobresti powerful steamer over 1800 watts.

Next, pay attention to the volume of the water tank, hoton does not play a primary role, but also every 3 minutes you do not zahochetsyadolivat water.When a tank steamer weight will be more, but prietom you will not need to add water often also a heavy instrument budetdelat strong pressure on the thing, which also improves stripping.Small priborlegche and more compact, but it will take the pressure, adding water and, konechnozhe more time.

Equally important dimensions, because a large steamer trebuetmesta for its permanent storage, some of it will have to disassemble priotsutstvii place.It all depends on how much space you can select and where you will keep it.For a small hallway is narrow body models to choose.But as the road steamer nebolshoyruchnoy suitable option, it is ideal for fast crease easiest things a dress or suit, which lay in a travel bag.

Ergonomics Steamers today is very diverse.Vymozhete select horizontal or vertical model performance with nalichiemplechikov or hose, but these stripper usually malenkievodnye reservoirs.But it will be enough for steaming or chistkishtor through the hose you will not have to carry the entire instrument.

odezhnyyotparivatel How to choose?

If you buy only the clothes steamer, toobratite attention to the possibility to set different modes, t.e.vklyuchenie greater or lesser power, it is very important for different types of materials tkani.Est requiring minimum power if the process such a large veschipripower, then they can be burned.Conversely, if you pet tolstuyuvesch high density, you need a high mode, otherwise the material so yin steamed through.

In addition, the multi-mode stripper you can ustanoviti appropriate level of steam, although it no special attention to the non-inverting, tied for the top repartition and iron, but such steamers are naporyadok above.

Often you can hear that mnogorezhimnyyotparivatel purchase for home use is not true that most funktsiybudut idle and they are only in the studio, and for the house, saying, luchsheodnorezhimny and simple device.Maybe it is, but you samostoyatelnodlya themselves should know that you have to make the steam which amounts ividy work is performed.Explore all available in the stripper function iinstrumenty, among the instruments can be helpful tips and brushes, all things etipoleznye facilitate and improve the ironing and cleaning materials.Often there prisposobleniyadlya ironing the shirt collars and sleeves inside, and the other utility.

should also pay attention to the species itself and konstruktsiyuotparivatelya, its ease of use, the fact it lies in the hand.For example, they are very much needed in the hose with a spring and a retractable stand, as polezensvetodiod on the tank with water to indicate the amount of fluid spisokpodobnyh great additions.If you choose a convenient and practical it is for themselves, steamer, you get a huge relief to ironing, and prostokomfortnoe use.

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