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How to choose baby monitors?

unit, which is in the nursery predstavlyaetsoboy small video camera with a microphone, and the parent unit - it svoeobraznyymonitor receiver on the screen which displays the image, which removes detskayakamera.Also, the speaker can be heard all the sounds that passes the microphone.Vzavisimosti on the model, there are some restrictions on the maximum rasstoyaniyudlya good video and audio signals, the average distance varies ot90 up to 150 meters in open space.Most low cost and simple baby monitors osnaschenybolshoy area - up to 50 meters and show black and white pictures namonitore.The advantages of such models is that the screen is the parent blokadostatochno large, it can be up to a diagonal of 5.5 inches, more egomozhno used as a normal mini-TV both at home and in the car.For etihtseley the monitor has a special slot for you to be able podklyuchitTV antenna public, also included is sobstvennayateleskopicheskaya TV antenna and adapter last, so you can connect a monitor to the vehicle on-board network

.If zhegovorit directly about the basic functions - monitoring the baby, then sleduetotmetit what size monitor do baby monitors in the use of less convenient.If you want somewhere tootoyti, then you would have to drag behind a znachitelnyhrazmerov this monitor weighing up to 2.7 kg.Modern baby monitors in the voprosebolee perfect.Now the mother unit can fit on the palm and vessostavlyaet just 300 grams, so to carry it is not nikakogotruda, you can hang it on the belt (there is a special terminal) or povesitna neck (there is a special lace or eyelet for the strap).In takihradionyanyah has a liquid crystal display diagonal is just 1,8-4,2 inches, but it provides excellent color image quality: with a good hue, viewing angle, brightness and contrast.Due to the fact that used infrakrasnyetehnologii, baby monitors can operate freely even in complete darkness.When the twilight, the light sensor, which is built into the camera, automatically converts it to night vision mode.

When this function is activated, then monitoreotobrazhaetsya black-and-white image of the objects that are on rasstoyaniido two meters away from the camera.Baby monitors become more functional privozmozhnosti connecting external devices.If you want to, then to the AV-input of the camera you mozhetepodklyuchit different players, VCR, TV, computer and radio, so you can watch razlichnyefilmy program, listen to music and radio while watching a baby.Dazhekogda camera shows a film or broadcast an audio source, the camera does not turn off any nasekundu and continues to work all the time.If the room malyshapoyavlyayutsya even the slightest sound, baby monitors immediately switch natranslyatsiyu voice and a picture of your baby.Any device also mozhnopodklyuchat and to the monitor through the AV-output.For example, if you podklyuchitesvoy unit to a TV, you can monitor your baby with ekranatelevizora.And if even the TV has a function as "vkartinke Picture", then perhaps watching a kid and watching televizorodnovremenno.

If vypodklyuchite monitor to the VD-recorder Ilik VCR, you can record a video of what is happening in zonevashego control.

How to make a record?

We all know that very often when kids vidyatpered a camera or camera begin to shed tears flee iliotvorachivatsya, but there are also opposite situations when kids begin to "work for the camera," that is behaving unusually, unnatural or zheskovannothat as a result it prevents implement good shooting.Because osnascheniyavideonyani video recording you can capture home movies with svoimrebenochkom starring due to "hidden cameras".To ugolzreniya baby monitors become wider in some models may podklyuchenieesche one or three additional cameras, the same as the one included kotorayaidet.So you can vestivideonablyudenie in auto-scan mode.This means that automatically turns on ekranebudut appear images of each camera with an interval of five seconds.Especially poleznaeta function when the child starts to crawl or walk alone in the room.


and baby unit and the parent can work iavtonomno - battery and battery or mains 220V.Vy can choose the power supply depending on the situation, odnakopomnite that the battery is not long enough.The baby monitors in both blocks vstroenyindikatory that always prompt you that it is time to recharge pribor.Esli want to save energy, you can turn off the display monitor.In takomrezhime baby monitors turns into a baby monitor - you can hear tolkozvuki.But know that it is more convenient, kogdaekran on and authorized voice activation function.In this case, if the baby is sleeping and komnatetiho, the camera does not show the image, but she is in rezhimeozhidaniya baby monitors.When you are at least maleyshiyzvuk in the nursery, the camera immediately begins to broadcast images.

By the way, if you want, you can turn the sound off and leave work tolkoizobrazhenie.The advantage of baby monitors in the built-in digital clock with an alarm clock, as well as a night light, which gives a diffused soft light.

How ustanovitvideonablyudenie?

Because baby monitors work vbesprovodnom mode so that it does not need to install any special knowledge, tools and skills.By instruktsiisleduet set to a specific frequency channel camera and monitor set up videonyani.Chtoby nanny without interference, it has a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4kanala.In addition, you can adjust the Customize contrast, brightness, color and volume.Neobhodimotak also put the camera so that she can see your baby.Most horosheerasstoyanie from the camera to a child - is 1-2 meters.You can set the camera natumbochku or changing table, if this is not possible, you can krepkozakrepit it on the wall or ceiling.Nakamere have flexible panoramic holder, with which the camera mozhnokrutit in any direction.To chtobyizobrazhenie was not marred, do not point the camera toward the source sveta.Takzhe install the camera away from metal surfaces, it mozhetpovredit connection.

Krometogo, take care of baby monitors from bumps and falls, or a baby monitor can slomatsyaili lose their work.


average, good quality baby monitors are from 7000do 12,000 rubles.Usually black and white baby monitors can be purchased for 5000rubley, but additional cameras will cost 3000-3500 rubles.

Almost all parents think chtovideo and baby monitor is needed only in a large house or cottage.Of course, kogdarebenok quietly asleep on the second floor, the mother can take the beds in the garden, watching the baby prietom.But even in a normal city apartment nepomeshaet electronic babysitter.For example, if the child sleeps with the door closed vkomnate or on the balcony, and you at this time busy in the kitchen, rattling dishes, noisy water running washing machine or blender ... Or noise in the bathroom and the water flowing hair ... Maybeyou are in a neighboring komnatepylesosite carpet printing on a printer, listen to music or watch TV ... Sometimes because of the noise it is impossible to hear what the baby is awake iplachet, but the electronic nanny tell you even the smallest sounds and movements of your baby.He did not have time even to cry, as you will already near his crib.