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Everything you need to know about hair dryers

first dryer

first dryer pridumalinemetskie engineers to the beginning of the twentieth century and it was called - electric drying dlyavolos.We use it only in hairdressing, because he byldovolno cumbersome.The heating temperature was 90 ° C warm air, the unit is very noisy and constantly broke down.Over time, the demand for negoupal, engineers began to create a new and lighter models.And then, finally, in his image tofen this he came to us.

functional types of fen

vidyfenov Let's look in more detail.According to their functionality there are several types: hair dryers, concentrators, dryers, diffusers, hair dryers and stylers and hair driers, hairbrushes.

dryers Hub imeyutformu nozzle in the form of a hollow cylinder with a flattened tip.With their pomoschyudovolno quickly and easily you can make a good haircut or styling.Sushkavolos made by means of a circular brush.Wet hair should brush nakruchivatna popryadno drying them one by one.If you like to vashaukladka long retain their shape,

then you need to choose a hair dryer with cold air supply, just starting to dry your hair with hot air, do not remove them with a brush ipereklyuchite mode "cold air" - then your packing will save nadolgosvoyu beauty.Choosing a hair dryer Hub is also important to choose the right it is best to buy Power-dryers with capacity from 1600 to 2200 watts.Also worth obratitvnimanie on nozzle diameter - nozzle hot air gun, it should be about 90 mm.Eslivzyat nozzle diameter is smaller, the hair will be much otgoryachego get too dry air.And if more, laying have to do for a long time, because of the air will be scattered around.

dryers, diffusers pridayutvolosam additional volume and provide a gentle drying hair.Takiefeny equipped with a wide funnel - cone, which has a lot of malenkihotversty, through which passed the scattered air jet.Etotvid dryer suit owners of curly, curly hair and thin, and takzhezhenschinam who constantly make chemical or biozavivka.It should be noted that the hair dryer is not suitable for smooth, long, straight hair because konchikiostanutsya straight, and the remaining hair - wavy hair and will smotretsyaneopryatno.Some of these models are covered with pins or hair dryers dvizhuschimisyapalchikami that vibrate when drying hair.If you have a hair dryer or c is going to buy this, it is worth noting that the "fingers" dolzhnykasatsya head, gently massaging her hair and lifting up.Blagodaryatomu that fen diffuser disperses air, drying of hair is considered a more gentle and harmless.The power of the dryer is 1700-2100Vt.Yet it is worth remembering that by using this type of dryer will not work sdelatslozhnuyu styling or hair.

dryers, stylers Eileithyia-combs are most common in the hair and beauty salon.Unih have attachment comb.Also, most of the models has a number dopolnitelnyhvsevozmozhnyh nozzles: nozzle for volume, nozzle for straightening head dlyazavivki and others.Each of them is responsible for a particular stage sozdaniyapricheski.Choosing a hair dryer, you need to pay attention to the power, it dolzhnabyt 1,000 watts, and is convinced that it is the mode of supply holodnogovozduha.As we remember, this feature will help keep our hair or ukladkuna a long time.Hair dryers are also comb-sparing regimen, so onipodhodyat thin, dry, damaged and brittle hair.This hair dryer pozvolyaetlegko lift and smooth strands of hair over the entire length.With hairdryer-stayleromotpadaet need to keep in his other hand a comb, because of their twisting brush, thereby laying process becomes more convenient.Just keep in mind that the so dryers are not suitable for drying thick and long hair, because it can ihzaputat or pull, as they damage the hair structure due usilennogokontakta them.

functional types fenovmy dismantled.Now let's talk about what options to uchityvatpri choosing a hair dryer.Considered important: power mode, the temperature and velocity, the various nozzles.Also pay attention to the counting optimum cable length of 2 meters.Comfortable weight - just remember that it must not be too easy too, because the lungs are often poor-quality hair dryers ilomayutsya much faster.Ring for hanging - it is very convenient.Nakladkiiz plastic and rubber to prevent slipping.Low noise -Important criteria for women who have small children.

Some proizvoditelifenov pleased us a function of air ionization - effect on volosyotritsatelnymi ions.The hair is easy to accumulate a positive charge and therefore electrified.And with these hairdryers turns out that hair idetpotok negative ions, softening them, making it more smooth and docile.Nosuschestvuet opinion that the same effect can be achieved with the help of potokaholodnogo air, so you decide - whether to pay zaionizatsiyu.

Iskor temperature modes are the most important characteristics when choosing a hair dryer on nihsleduet special attention.These modes allow you to adjust potokvozduha from warm to hot and the pressure of the air stream.There neskolkopolozheny speed settings and temperature.Some hair dryers there is a mode «cool» - cold air.Operation "Turbo" enhances any of vybrannyhfunktsy half a step, it is available in many models of high-quality hair dryers.

vazhnyhharakteristik One of the dryer is the presence of attachments, such as slit-like diffuser, a standard round brush and nozzle half.Having them in the dryer model depends on to its functional form and your hair type.

most vazhnoyharakteristikoy is power.Hairdressing and girls obladayuschihdlinnymi and thick hair suit more powerful hairdryers, as they bystreevsego dried hair.For home use best suited fenymoschnostyu 1200-1600 watts.And but if you often go on business trips ilisobralis trip, then choose the one with the hair dryer capacity of 200-600 watts.

stoitzapomnit When choosing a hair dryer, it must be made from high-quality heat-resistant plastic, vnem should be to protect against overheating - Automatic switching to naholodny hot air, the presence of the filter and its weight.Buying dryer with takimiharakteristikami serve you much longer than cheaper counterparts.

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