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How to distinguish the original from a fake perfume: learn to choose the branded spirits

Meeting Place Can not Be Changed: best place to buy perfume

Girl's Best Friend: female spirits who are always in fashion
on women's perfume, as well as on clothing has its own fashion.But there are flavors that do not lose its relevance over the years.On the contrary, these female spirits are the hallmark of its owner, a testament to its refined taste.It is about women's perfumes, which are always in fashion, you can read in our article.

first way to avoid annoying the purchase of perfume, buy perfume in the shops or on sites dealing with official distributors, not in underground passages.Buying perfume with hands issued for confiscated goods, you run the risk of running into fake.And fakes are apparently of high quality, even the experts are not always right the first time can determine the original product.But the content - always on top!Note that if you are not the owner of "the genius of the nose", the smell of fake easily fool you.

Every self-respecting store selling luxury cosmetics and

perfumes is a test shop window.Ask the seller a tester or sampler and apply the selected fragrance on the skin for 15 or 20 minutes.Note that all the alcohol-containing perfume is 90% alcohol, and the first few minutes, and it is they smell.High quality product produced complex high-tech process, and clandestine manufacturers, of course, used a crude and sometimes very technical and dangerous alcohol.Just half an hour fake perfume will smell bad and softly, and flavor may contain impurities.However, the use of the tester, in fact, is not a panacea.After all, he may not be stored, for example, be in direct sunlight without the cardboard packaging, or be from another party.

Another important point - you should not have any illusions about the price.A good, high quality, perfumes never would cost too cheap.Even if sales such spirits can lose in the price of not more than 10% of the cost.10 ml of good French perfume in Paris can be purchased for 1,500 rubles.Price same perfume in Russia can increase two times, depending on various factors related to the transport.Do not give crooks, I assure you that they sell luxury perfumes at very low prices, writing off for confiscation.You cheated!

Arts applying perfume: how to use perfume
impossible to imagine a modern fashionista without fragrant perfume vial.Women's perfume as much a part of the image, like lipstick or jewelry.That's just not all women know how to properly use perfume.Learn about the main rules applying women's perfume you can from this article.

Choosing dress for success: how to look original perfume

Most often you can find a fake, carefully read the product name.Do not buy goods with possible "typo" in the title.This is a common ploy.These fakes are calculated on the inattentive or inexperienced buyers who buy perfume, focusing called at the hearing.For example, the famous perfume Chanel logo have this kind of - Chanel, forgery may differ by only one letter - Chenel.

Do not hesitate to thoroughly examine the packaging of spirits that you would like to purchase.Take a good look at the packaging and the bottle itself directly.Packaging should look solid, with no smudges and abrasions.Lack of packaging film does not mean that you are holding a fake, but if the cellophane film is present on this perfume, it should fit snugly against the paper.Always make sure that your spirits are not expired shelf life.The bottle, like packaging, should be smooth, uniform, free from cracks and rough chips.On the quality of the product will tell you the color and perfume.The presence of sediment and turbidity contents of the vial says that it is a fake.

Looking for the perfect perfume: a practical guide to choosing female spirits
Among the millions of bottles and bottles of perfumes is not so easy to find your perfect fragrance.Especially because the fashion for women's perfume has the ability to change quickly.That is why we have prepared a short guide to choosing female spirits that will help you decide with its perfume favorites.

But the surest way to distinguish a counterfeit product from the quality of the original - a barcode.What is a barcode?This alternation of black and white strips, arranged vertically, which contain information about the product.By reading the information by means of numbers, we can make sure that we face the original and not a cheap fake.Manufacturer of counterfeit goods is not able to be applied to the packaging with its original product barcode counterfeited brand.This criminal offense.However, a slight permutation of digits may confuse the buyer and to mislead it.Often, even experienced buyers only look at the first few digits of the bar code.The first three digits indicate the country that produces goods.Knowing a country that produces your favorite perfume, you just need to remember or write down these numbers.So you protect yourself from fakes.