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Arts applying perfume: how to use perfume

Tricks: How to apply perfume

Knowledge of specific points on the body allows you to achieve the best detection and long aroma preservation.So, experts distinguish sixteen perfumes and active points on our body.They call their "warm" because in these areas the blood vessels are close to the skin, and so on are heated flavor "louder".These points are located throughout the body, starting from the inner region of the earlobes, and then whiskey, neck, chest, the crook of the elbow, wrist, knee and plots at the ankles.Natural heat of the skin in these areas will be long enough to maintain flavor.But if you want to maximize the fragrance, perfume should be applied to the ankle, ankles, inner thighs.Thus, during evaporation smell will rise, and to sustain that odor.In addition, well absorb the flavor washed dried hair.In this case the perfume is better to put on the comb and comb your hair with it.

Experts also advise to use scent before you dressed.Not recommended "splash" perfume or scented water on th

e clothes, as well as plenty of unwanted direct application of perfume on your skin and hair.If you use an aerosol spray is recommended, followed by his "diving" in a fragrant cloud, so that the flavor evenly spread throughout the body.And if your favorite perfume in flakonchike or in vitro (probe), then gently pat the skin to them.

Many ladies applied too much perfume, fearing that otherwise the flavor will not be noticeable.Do it wrong and, moreover, prohibited by the rules of etiquette.The etiquette even have such a thing as a "circle of flavor" - a circle beyond which others do not have to feel your perfume, no matter how expensive it was.Its radius is approximately equal to the length of the arm.Remember that it is enough only a few drops to exude a pleasant and at the same time unobtrusive to others the fragrance.

Aroma 24/7: how to choose a perfume resistant

Resistance spirits - is the length of time during which they exude their fragrance.On average, this period is 5 hours and depends on many factors.The main factor - is the concentration of aromatic substances, perfumes with different concentrations and different names.The most concentrated form - spirits (Perfum, Extrait) - comes in small vials of 7-15 ml, in which the proportion of aromatic compounds is 20-30% and higher.Such spirits are expensive and, as a rule, copyrights, conceptual fragrances with natural essences.Then comes the perfume water (Eau De Parfum), in which the aromatic fraction of 15-25%.The next most popular is "toilet water" with the concentration of odorous substances from 10 to 20%.

Another factor is the stability of the flavor composition of the perfume.The least resistant are shades of aromas of herbs, leaves, water, flowers, and more - vanilla, cinnamon, musk, ambergris, civet.

If after a certain period of time, you find that the perfume is not the same as was in the purchase, it is likely you properly store perfume.Thus, when exposed to light or contact with air oxidized spirits evaporate, and can change their original fragrance and lose resistance.Therefore, the best place to store perfume - a dark cabinet or chest of drawers, which do not get direct sunlight.And of course, do not forget your favorite bottle tightly and then the spirits will definitely delight you with its long lasting fragrance.

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