Beauty // Spectacular manicure from LCN

Where strengthen and improve the nails?

Beautiful and healthy nails for 15 minutes

salon professionals possess unique techniques to restore brittle and thin nails.It is also possible recovery of the nail plate after treatment capacity or the use of acid-based varnishes.Used for these purposes innovative means Boost Gel contains only natural ingredients.Boost Gel penetrates deep into the structure of the nail and regenerates it.The procedure takes only 15 minutes, but the result exceeds all expectations.Damaged nails get a presentable appearance, stronger and improve their health.

no less effect gives the sealing procedure.On the surface of the nail is applied to a special agent comprising a natural wax.It is not only revitalizes the nails, but to protect them from the harmful effects of the environment.A series of nail cosmetics to seal designed using a unique technology.Natural ingredients in the composition of assets are soft and do not invoke allergic reactions.

Beauty Center LCN - relaxation for hands and nails

addition to recovery, Beauty Center LCN offers clients a wide range of spa treatments for hands and nails.Visitors of the cabin can also indulge in a modern manicure with nail-resistant ceramic.Their color range consists of about 100 fashionable colors.Experts cabin easily solve any cosmetic problem.

Visit Beauty Center LCN is possible every day from 10:00 to 22:00.Salon is located at: St. Petersburg, TRC "Piterlend" 72 Seaside Avenue, 1st floor.Before a visit is recommended to sign up for the procedure at 8 (812) 385-10-30.