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LCN and Mersedes: a tandem of two giants

What do LCN and Mercedes?

  • German quality ... Surely everyone knows how anxious Germans refer to the quality of its products.Every detail of the car, a tube of cream or nail design products of both firms - everything suggests that engaged in the development and production professionals.
  • "Luxury" - so say about the new (and old) Model Mersedes, as well argue about new products, and given the usual assortment of LCN.
  • History of the brand Mercedes began with a woman and a woman.LCN is also created for the fair sex.
  • Due to its parameters, not just cars Mersedes victorious nasportivnyh competitions.And women who prefer cosmetics LCN, able to win over many hearts of men.

This community does not stop companies.They found a way to come together, drawing inspiration from each other.

Union cosmetic and automotive companies

SLC Mercedes models called "special series" for the stylish design, agility, practicality and high comfort.But thanks to an alliance with the LCN, they become even more unique.Th

e same can be said about the cosmetic brand.The two German titanium joint creative efforts have developed and released a series of coatings with a metallic sheen, echoing the color gammuavtomobiley Mersedes:

  • Blue (Metallic Blue),
  • red (Zircon Red),
  • silver (Silver Brocade).

Now a new series of coatings for nails LCN logo adorns Mercedes, and most critically-minded individuals may reject last doubts as all cosmetics of the brand.After all, the prestige and popularity - is what attracts producers to one another and encourages them to cooperate!

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