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Sealing wax nails: LCN are investigated along with that kind of procedure

What is the sealing of nails?

We all know that the frequent use of decorative paints and gels, improper care, wearing naroshchennyh nails, lack of vitamins and trace elements lead to the depletion of the nail plate.There are many salon treatments using various cosmetic products that promise to quickly restore the healthy appearance of even the most weak nails.But not all of them except the apparent cosmetic effect and have more healing properties.An exception is the procedure of sealing, which is able to recover even the nails, damaged after wearing gel varnish on the acid-based.

Sealing is the process of care, during which there is a deep power of the nail plate, activating regeneration processes and closing the cuticle scales.Through the use of natural beeswax the nails get a big dose of useful minerals and vitamins A, promoting natural regeneration of damaged cells.One of the most popular and effective series of professional polish to seal a series of LCN Natural Care System.The compact set cons

isting of 4 tools, has unique healing properties and is very easy to use.

Natural Care System: 4 steps to a healthy and strong marigolds

Series Natural Care System includes cream Natural Care, vitamin oil Nail Oil, a special brush and a nail file.This kit is designed to seal the natural nails as well as for the supply of the nail plate on the border with graft nails.Sealing procedure takes place in 4 stages:

  1. The first step is to prepare nails: remove the old varnish and a few minutes to throw up in the tub with brine;
  2. The wizard then proceeds to remove the cuticle, and then to the second major phase.Sealing is to apply a special cream based on natural beeswax.The wax has a number of unique properties.It disinfects and nourishes the nail plate, it helps to regenerate the cells, protects the nail from aggressive factors.Special brush that is included in the kit Natural Care System for the entire length of the nails applied the cream Natural Care.Then, the surface is polished pink party nail files, and the surplus cream is removed by conventional x / cotton napkin.
  3. Then you can proceed to the third stage, when the nail is put a drop of oil Nail Oil vitamin and nails are polished with a white hand sawing.
  4. In the last stage, in order to give your nails a glossy shine, after the application of clearcoat, to polish their gray side of the nail file set.
    sealing procedure takes about 20 minutes and it can be performed 1 time per month.After sealing, you not only get a healthy and strong nails and beautiful landscaped manicure for a few weeks.