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How to make clothes for larger women

How to create a wardrobe?Hide the shortcomings of a full figure.

If you have large breasts
the best combination for you to be white bottoms and a black top.You fit blouse with V- neck.It is forbidden to wear very large things, baggy, but a wide belt at the waist will suit you.

If you have wide hips
normal color is a combination of a light top and dark bottom.Classic straight pants, elongated blouses and tunics.

Wide waist
If you have shapely legs and a clearly defined abdomen, you fit dress with a high waist, loose, light blouses, flared towards the bottom of the skirt.

trousers must be flared from the knee, slightly flared skirts, 8 wedges and below the knee, high-heeled shoes.

visually slim

- close-fitting blouses,

- dresses with clear waistline,

- a simple form of cut clothes, with no frills and draperies,

- skirt at hand below the knee,

- ¾ sleeves, flaredsleeves, long sleeves with cuffs.

Recommendations full women

- Watch your posture, instead of his

head held high, we slouch and forget that look rounder and lower.Spread the shoulders, above the nose and forward.

- Pick up for yourself a good bra and every 6 months update underwear, it is stretched.

- Correctly choose tights and stockings.For your figure you need to buy tights with slimming inserts in the area of ​​the abdomen and the pope, with high top, they should be your size.

- Do not wear large or baggy clothes.Many people think that because you can hide its entirety, but it is not.Such clothing does slimmer figure.Your clothes should fit the body a little bit.

- But it's nothing very slim, as these clothes will emphasize fullness, and it will not look stylish.
- The clothes you should be comfortable, and it should be good for you to sit.

- The dress should not be of contrasting colors, while light colors will look bulky.

- Dark colors make the figure more slender, but it is not only black, but also to other dark tones.The most "slimming" colors - blue, red, brown, black.Pick a dark color that you like.Do not make sharp shapes and bright transitions.

- Do not wear long jackets, will look better than those in which the length reaches mid-thigh.

- Do not wear horizontal or wide vertical stripes, as well as things with a large pattern.

- Croy skirts have to be free, a little above the knee length or knee.Forget flared skirts, mini skirts, skirts with rounded hem.

- Wear a blouse with square neckline, if not very long neck, the most preferable V- neck, it is necessary that the neck was always open.

- Preferably shoes with a heel, it will make you slimmer and higher.Excellent look high heels with open toes, do not wear shoes with square toes, but the boots must cover the whole eggs.

Wardrobe for overweight women
For casual wear, you need to choose the right dress can be worn as well as an elongated dark tunic and tights.

If the work imposed strict dress code, it's good.Full lady slim well-fitting and figure-tailored business suit.The fitted jacket, a skirt or a little lower to the knee, this dress fat lady look great.

in blouses and blouses, their length is important.It is on hand should be lower or higher than your hips

For evening suit black elegant dress, which overestimated waist.But here, and in other cases there may be options.But there is nothing duller and darker when a woman dressed all in black.This one-color clothes you need a variety of beautiful colored handkerchief or scarf.

Do not forget that most Total pale pink, flesh-colored and white.

- Buy your size, if the laundry is not enough for you, it is unnecessary to form the folds and pull you.It should be comfortable.The large size will make you even more.

- Do not pay attention to the advice of sellers, if you have advised, and brought, what you do not like, do not be afraid to talk about it.

- Underwear should be selected that will correct or hide your flaws.Panties with sculpting inserts supporting lingerie, corsets, you will create a beautiful silhouette.

- For everyday wear underwear should be practical, for a romantic date - lace for sports hall - sports.

Complete women of small stature

- No wide sleeves and shoulder pads.

- Avoid bright colors.

- Wear low heel.

- give preference to soft silhouettes and fabrics, avoid the overhead pockets.

For full high women

- Avoid fringe, ruches, patch pockets.

- Wear belts.

- The length of the jacket must be mid-thigh.

- Wear clothes with vertical stripes, diagonal and avoid horizontal stripes.

- color clothes should hide flaws.

Do not exhaust yourself diets, learn to love yourself "in the body."After all, if a lot of extra padding, they will not go a single day, it is better to pick up under its curvy shape and to make clothes that now look like a million.Currently, you can pick up and find a large selection of beautiful clothes for full figures.

Now we know how to make clothes for larger women.No need to focus on their shortcomings, they have in every woman.But what would have been your figure, if you make the right clothes, you will look elegant and feminine.