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Casual clothes for women with special figure

Fashionable and stylish clothing for full 2015: Trends and photo

main features of fashion in 2015 for women with a curvy figure - the courage and democratic.Modern designers offer comfortable and elegant models that are perfect as an everyday clothing.The most famous fashion designers in each of its seasonal show pay attention to models for women with "non-standard" sizes.So, what criteria should be considered when choosing clothes for larger women?Here are the most basic.


Many girls "in the body" believe that dark clothes successfully hiding "extra" volume of the body.Indeed, black, brown or dark gray outfit will give a significant figure slimness.However, current fashion trends include the presence in everyday clothes and other colors.Dark green, emerald, burgundy, navy blue, coffee - 2015 color palette is extremely broad.

When selecting casual clothes full of women should avoid bright colors.White, lemon, beige, cream, light blue, pale pink - these shades visually further increase the fig

ure, so they must be used carefully.You also need to abandon the traditional "white top and dark bottom," because such a sharp color transition conventionally divides the figure horizontally.It is better to try on a model with vertical lines, gives the silhouette of harmony and elegance: a long blouse, cardigan, a tunic, a contrasting series of buttons.


When choosing clothes for full is better to prefer a matte fabrics - flax, dense jersey, wool or jersey.Transparent chiffon, shiny satin or silk are contraindicated, especially since added "extra" volume.So the combination of "white satin trousers and a pink silk blouse" - not full of girls.

Outerwear for fat women

What dictates fashion 2015 ladies with curvy figure?Current models of coats, cloaks and coats successfully emphasize the dignity of the figure.This sleeve can be broad and slightly shorter, and the collar or hood volume - such clothing looks especially stylish and very becoming complete.

main hit of the season autumn-winter - classic English model coat, suitable for any type of figure, with a length just below the knee.Free tailoring also gives full figure lightness and grace.

Select suits and trousers for complete fashionistas

costume - one of the variants of office casual clothes for larger women.Of course, this piece wardrobe should be visually slim figure, emphasizing the beneficial neckline.Modern business woman pants is best to choose a strict classic style with a slightly high waist.Today, the trend - the model narrowed pants with wide elastic band at the bottom.Complete with loose tunic, shirt or blouse with a V-neck such an ensemble will look elegant and stylish.

bright and romantic image can be created using original accessories - jewelry, handkerchiefs, scarves, bags.

Jeans - a bold decision for the stylish ladies with curvy shape.For everyday wear, you can choose straight jeans and successfully complement the composition of a top or elongated tunic.

Dress: Casual fashion images

For winter 2015, designers offer a full beauties warm knitted dresses smooth knit, made in strict and restrained palette of colors - blue, emerald green, black, burgundy and brown.While skillfully used in the dress bright colors only accentuate the individuality of its owner.It can be dress-wallets, dresses, shirts, dresses, tunics.

spring-summer season are also encouraged women and girls pyshnotelye variety of fashionable styles.The dress is made in a very feminine and romantic style - fitted open top, deep cut, slightly opening large breasts.Alternatively, you can choose a model with a high waist (Greek style).These styles focus on the merits of the main curvy figure - the upper chest.Colours prefer bright, clean and bold.Sultry woman poet's dream!

as casual clothing for larger women can safely choose dresses with lace trim - Today is the last "squeak" of fashion.By the way, it can also be sundresses, or even things out of denim.Agree, ingenious solution - floral or vegetable prints with the effect of 3D, attracting admiring glances.As for the traditional models with the smell and the A-shaped cut, these styles can also be found in contemporary collection of dresses for the ladies pyshnotelye.

How to choose clothes full women: advice on style

Beautiful curvy shape - truly a gift of nature.However, it is not necessary to "hide" their volumes under the dimensionless loose overalls and a sweater several sizes larger.Casual Clothes for overweight ladies can be not only comfortable, but also stylish.It's enough to listen to the advice of leading stylists, and you'll always look irresistible.

The emphasis on silhouette

women with curvaceous best to choose clothes that emphasizes figure - Dress-case jacket with a smell.Many believe that it is best to hide the "extra" using centimeters wide skirts and sundresses volume - a common misconception.Such clothing, on the contrary, draws attention to the shortcomings of the figure.

I - sexy!

woman with a curvy shape not only beautiful, but also very sexy.And just think a lot of men.So feel free to confirm this beautiful blouses and dresses, emphasizes the benefit neckline.Enhance your image as a sexy buxom beauty amazing lingerie set.

simplicity and elegance

When choosing casual clothing for women with particular figure is better to give preference to simple colors - white, black, blue, emerald green, gray.If you are going to a restaurant or to a party, you can put on a bright monochromatic outfit, adding to its stylish accessories (handbag, scarf, exquisite brooch).Thus it is better to avoid large decorative elements, prints, frills, bows and voluminous draperies.

Fine Jewelry - taboo for obese women

lush beauty is best underlined by the massive expressive earrings, chains and rings.Put into the hands of a bracelet and elegant neckline decorate large beads matching clothes - your fashionable image only benefit from this.Instead of "miniature" buy handbags and clutches a large stylish handbag that will blend in perfectly with your new trendy look.


Undoubtedly, shoes low course more convenient and practical.However, stylists recommend a complete women and girls shoes with a small heel, a comfortable shoe.Winter and spring shoes should be high and tight fit leg - it visually "hide" the fullness of the legs.In any case, the shoe should be of high quality and natural materials.

Casual clothes for larger women - hide the tummy!

Many ladies with curvaceous often worry about how to hide under their clothes a little tummy.Of course, it was easier to medieval beauties in this regard - dragged into a tight corset and everything.Today we have to address this issue with the help of properly selected clothing.Here are some tips designers on how women with curvy figure successfully "hide" protruding tummy.

  • Choose pants with a high waist
  • draw attention to the trapeze skirts, voluminous skirts in romantic style, suits, tunics, blouses, T-shirts with three-dimensional focus on the neckline
  • narrow belt-straps in the color outerwear can be moved as abovewaist, so the line of the hips
  • Successful casual clothing for larger women - with elements of drapery fabric ruffled texture

excluded from the wardrobe:

  • blouses, shirts, pullovers, tucked into pants or skirts
  • wide belts and strapscontrasting with the color outerwear
  • bras with "seesaw effect" - folding rises and the chest goes down

Clothes for plump: sew their own hands

women with a curvy shape is often difficult to choose the outfit favorably emphasize curves shapes.Indeed, there are specialty shops not in every area, and the prices were not all available.And if you sew fashionable thing with your own hands?After all, such clothing will be made with a maximum according to your wishes about style, color, and shape of individual features.

Here is the finished pattern for fat women, on the basis of which you can sew a lot of nice and fashionable dresses.So, take measurements and begin to create!