The new standards of feminine beauty: a magnificent ass and bushy eyebrows

Goodbye, anorexia!Long live the ideal figure with a big booty

We have good news for all those who are sitting on a rigid diet, exhausting yourself workouts and dreams of a modeling figure - anorexic options are no longer in vogue.Excessive thinness is now considered bad manners!In a fashion a healthy body and a balanced - silhouette "hourglass".If you do not know what these "watch" suggest a pronounced breasts and thighs combined with a small waist.Nor is it so important sporting physique or you have extra weight, the main thing that you look healthy and cheerful person.

natural and harmonious proportions, most of these beauties is achieved by an active lifestyle, proper diet and regular exercise, which, incidentally, is also in vogue.But most because of certain circumstances and natural data are turning to plastic surgery.According to recent statistics, one of the most fashionable cosmetic surgery among women in the last couple of years has become glyuteoplastika - increasing the priests with art

ificial implants.It is they, in all probability, wide hips implanted in Kim Kardashian.In favor with fashionistas and Lipofilling - the injection of own fat in the "ass."But not so long ago the volume lower part of the female body was considered unattractive.Now the big ass and broad hips - a sign of sexual attraction and a source of pride.This stems from the star beauty Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian.

interesting!Many Psychologists attribute the growing popularity of wide hips and buttocks volume with the global economic crisis.The fact that men are subconsciously associate expressive female buttocks with a certain stability.Therefore, strive to embrace pyshnobedryh beauties, relations with which they seem to be more reliable.

How to pump up the ass in the spirit of fashion trends, read here.

bushy eyebrows - a new standard of beauty

Besides bulk buttocks fashionable triumphantly entered and broad eyebrows a la naturel."Wild" eyebrows, as they are called, have become one of the modern standards of beauty thanks to such beauties as Irina Shayk, Natalia Vodianova, Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson.

Connected such unbridled beauty with the same fashion for naturalness.And if nature has not endowed you with dense vegetation above the eyes, do not despair.Being in the trend will help the surgical capacity of the eyebrows.It sounds, frankly, scary, and the procedure itself is not pleasant.Such capacity involves cutting strips of skin with desyatisantimetrovyh scalp with its further transfer to the line of the eyebrows.Well, as they say, what not to do for the sake of beauty.And not any money for it is not a pity.Incidentally, this plastic is expensive - up to $ 8,000.