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Women's top fur clothing

But not only can make your coat closet comfortable and stylish.There are plenty of fashionable fur accessories that are particularly relevant in the autumn-winter 2010-2011.So, on the podium again proudly marches fur.But in order to flaunt expensive product, not necessarily to empty the purse of her husband.To save the image is now fashionable enough to wear one of the fur accessories: neckpiece, jacket, skirt, sleeve, or simply an ornament of fur.


word "cape" comes from the French peleri - pilgrim or wanderer.The main feature of the modern fur capes, unlike stole - it landing on the figure by cutting elements and fixing accessories (buckles, brooches, belts).


so-called short jacket with sleeves or without, descended from the Spanish national men's suit and has not lost its relevance today.And in the modern fur bolero sleeves can be intercepted ties at the level of the elbow or hand, and on the shoulders seductively open.Modern bolero tied ribbons or front fastens with buttons of,

brooches, hooks.


Couturier offer two fashion trends in the design of the vest.First - sleeveless country style, which deliberately "roughened".Casual cut, wide leather belt surprisingly only emphasize femininity and vulnerability of its owner.The second - a charming vest "on the trot."Lynx fur worth its weight in gold and is mainly used for decoration.Economic version of "rysey" sleeveless - Dyed fox.

Fashionable fur clothing Ladie

designers are not left unattended and other fur accessories.At the Paris Fashion Week such famous fashion designers like Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, presented to the public unexpected applications of fur clothing.Fur sleeves or cuffs, struck all the original novel, which makes a whole new way to look at familiar things.In the neighborhood with them, even the usual strict dress looks luxurious and rich.Muff lends poignancy female form.Modern couplings are often made as bags with secret pockets, which makes them very practical to use.Boots again back in vogue.Prada introduced the world to the new models, which highlight in a fur ... heels.Another new fashion 2011 - Footwear with uppers of dlinnovorsnogo fur.House of Chanel came up with for such a shoe heel in the form of a transparent icicles.

Skirts Fur won only podium of the season.Fluffy beauty can be worn with a fur vest and without it - with a blouse or turtleneck.For supermodnits Chanel offers even fur pants, you can safely conquer Antarctica.Bags previous years contained fur only as a decoration, and in 2011 it will become the main material.The fur blends with the skin and tissues of different textures, in addition, fluffy handbag may well replace the dog lady, especially as "shaggy friend" is remarkably accommodating.Keychain made, for example, mink tail will look good fastened to the bag or cell phone.Brooch fur provides a great finish or fulfill the role of self-enhancement.Fur brooches are diverse in form and type of fur: they are made in the form of flowers or any other fancy shapes.If you believe the forecasts of weather forecasters, winter 2011 will be fierce.However, "not afraid of the cold force" if your wardrobe has fur!

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