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How to choose a dishwasher in the kitchen

That's the last paragraph of Home Affairs, namely washing dishes and will be discussed in this article.In our fast-paced relentlessly and actively progressing the world is no longer a rarity to have a home dishwasher.Let's get to the technical characteristics, operation principles and variability of prices for dishwashers, depending on their functions.

principle of operation is to connect it to the water supply and sewerage, in the middle of the machine are special baskets, which put the dishes.The washing process takes place in the following sequence: the heated water under pressure (pressure) thin streams sprayed on the dishes, and then dirt is dissolved with water and detergent, then rinsed with a special tool tableware with water and dried at the final stage.

The principle of operation and control of the machine is very similar to the management of a washing machine, but in the former case, the machine can be connected to the cold line and to hot.But as we know, sometimes the hot water can be cut,

so it is not convenient, but this dishwasher is less energy because the water does not need to be heated.

Before buying this miracle of technology, each owner is wondering how to choose a dishwasher in the kitchen?And the answer is quite simple.Consider the points that you need to consider when choosing a dishwasher:

  1. number of programs that may be from 5 to 9, including such as "Everyday wash" (50-65 degrees), "Very dirty" (provides extra cleaning), "Soak "(for very heavy soiling)," Economy mode "and others.
  2. size dishwasher: full-size (11-14 cm 60h60h85 place settings), narrow (width 45 cm for 6-8 sets), compact (see 45h55h45 4-5 sets).

So how to choose a dishwasher in the kitchen, so that it corresponds to the ratio price quality?Consider the options of this technique, which seems to global manufacturers.The first is the company's dishwasher Ariston and Indesit - Italian model of moderate price level, the average cost between 250-600 dollars.

includes the following functions: System Tyrbo Dry (ensures that no divorce on the dishes), gentle washing cycle "Crystal", "Economy mode" shelf support system with movable holders "click-clack" (allows you to change the height of the shelves, do notpulling them from the dishwasher).

next option appears firm Zanussi - offers high quality sinks, about the price range from 350 to 600 dollars.It has such features:

  • possible to interrupt the process of washing, and then click of a button as far as possible continue washing;
  • three levels of purification.

still selected dishwasher offers a number of high-quality and well-known worldwide companies such as Whirlpool, Bosch, Siemens, Brandt, Electrolux, Candy and several other manufacturers.

Summing up on this issue, we can say that the use of the kitchen dishwasher instead of hand washing will greatly facilitate your work, especially not least for women who every minute and generally for those people who just do not like to wash dishes.But not only in the plus and still parsimony as washing water and, as the temperature in the dishwasher for washing reaches 60 degrees, which ensures sterility of your cookware.So, the choice is yours!