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How to choose a vacuum cleaner for the house?

purpose of buying

▼ Those who have small-sized housing, not too swollen pockets of money, and households do not roam the carpets in street shoes, most likely, you should choose the most common vacuum cleaner - for dry cleaning.In addition to sex, it will help you to arrange more and upholstered furniture, and in some cases even clothing.

▼ owners of this chorus, allergies, do not want to abandon the tender and fluffy carpet and velvet coverings, as well as supporters of the particularly thorough approach to cleaning the house may well consider buying detergent cleaner.

▼ course, vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning can also produce wet cleaning of carpets and floor coverings, as well as all types of surfaces, ceramic tiles, natural or artificial stone.With it you can clean and deodorize even plumbing, wash the glass.He will rescue, if you happened to leak and the floor is literally flooded with water if clogged sink.Vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning are often able to deodorize the air in the room.Principl

e of operation they are extremely simple: the inner cavity of the vacuum cleaner is divided into two chambers.The first - the water with the detergent composition which is supplied under pressure to the surface being cleaned.The second chamber has returned waste liquid, which is then discharged into the sewer.Cleaning Vacuum Cleaners different water supply system (vertical and horizontal principle).

BUT! Remember that this unit requires additional costs, such as detergent compositions.It can not be used for wet cleaning parquet and laminate, as well as other painted surfaces.Carpets with natural jute and carpet Foam can not tolerate moisture, and therefore it is desirable to clean them dry, so as not to sour.Vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning the house consumes much more energy than its "dry" brother.Carpet cleaning even after about an hour should dry out.

▼ Those who are used to support the Russian producer, I want to warn: domestic vacuum cleaner is among the fairly high percentage of marriage.Furthermore, they tend to have less power than the import and perform significantly louder.However, if you prefer using a vacuum cleaner rather than do the cleaning as whitewash ceilings, it is necessary to buy our model.In foreign technology does not provide such a function.Blowing air system there works a little differently.


Since the vacuum cleaner - is not only an assistant on the farm, but also a subject on which periodically falls view, his appearance - not the last thing.The color restrictions now practically do not exist, except in a particular store.However, it happens that the original "coloring" looks too provocatively in the home environment or soon begins to cause discomfort.

forms vacuum cleaners, too, are different.There are models that are difficult to distinguish from sophisticated rovers.However, before choosing any of them, be sure to check with the vendors as they are convenient in use.Because refined form may adversely affect the maneuverability of the unit.

Incidentally, due to the fact that vacuum cleaners are much more likely than other household appliances, faced with furniture and other home furnishings, some companies began to produce models equipped with the edges of the soft foundation, protected from the appearance of nicks and scratches.And it is very correct and helpful.

Sometimes, no specifications, vacuum cleaners may vary in size.Vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning is uniquely large.But, say, their counterparts for dry cleaning may be compact, of course, if they are not equipped with special compartments to store additional accessories.Here you have to decide for yourself what is easier: to look where you're stuck additional nozzles, which are required is not so often or continuously for a carry all the "tank" in full combat readiness?


The fact that the producers of vacuum cleaners do their best to alleviate their products, and therefore all possible body parts made of plastic, is understandable.And there's nothing you can do about it.We have to abide by safety rules and try not to drop the hammer on the vacuum cleaner and other heavy objects.

▼ However, it is very important what the handle of a vacuum cleaner which is transferred from place to place.Plastic and manufactured as a separate piece, bolted to the body, - the least attractive option, as could fall off at any time (the engine is not plastic!).The best option - a monolithic handle.

▼ Another integral part of the vacuum cleaner, you want to be sure to check the strength - a hose.Hoses come in plastic and rubber.It is not hard to guess that the rubber much more durable, since this material is more gutta-percha.However, if the hose can be rotated in the "nest" around its axis, and the plastic with careful handling (for example, if it is not offensive) will last a long time.


The general principle here is: the higher the power, the faster and better vacuum cleaner copes with pollution.However, there are some nuances.

▼ For example, if a very powerful machine to clean the small carpet, it will simply adhere to the brush, which is very inconvenient.So the best option - a vacuum cleaner having a power regulator.

▼ power controller can be placed directly on the body, on the handle of a vacuum cleaner (which is more convenient).The third option - two regulators - and here and there.The last option is probably the most practical.

▼ Keep in mind that the imported models are usually more powerful than ours.Thus, the lower limit of the power of foreign cleaners - 1000 watts, and domestic - 600 watts.

▼ Another detail is that the power of the vacuum cleaner suction power is not always the same.It all depends on the design of some technological details, in particular, the number of filters.In any case, try as accurately as possible ask the seller about the qualities of the model you like.

filters and dust collectors

Some people somehow persistently called dust collectors filters.And it is in vain. Dust - it bags in which falls collected from the floor and other surfaces of dust and dirt.They are of two types - fabric and paper.Fabric - permanent.Once they are filled, the entire contents shaken out in the trash, and the dust is placed back in the "belly" of the vacuum cleaner.They can be washed, including the washing machine.However, through the fabric of a certain amount of dust gets back.

Paper dust collectors are considered less permeable, but they are disposable.By filling their discarded once and for all.The disadvantage of this type of bags is that, firstly, they are not too low.And, secondly, each model of the vacuum cleaner has its own parameters, so dust collectors for other models may not be suitable for your vacuum cleaner, and your can simply not be present in the store.

Filters also called various protective barriers to return of the collected dust from the vacuum cleaner back into the room at home.Depending on the model, can be from 2 to 7. It is understood that the larger the filter, the better will be cleaning.


pylesosovyh Among modern amenities, should pay attention to what is still here.

▼ very practical, if your machine is equipped with an automatic power cord winder.

▼ Some housewives important to include additional nozzles crevice present, allowing to collect dust from the most remote corners.And it is not in all models.

▼ very fashionable in recent years to buy a vacuum cleaner equipped with a turbo-brush.That's right, because this device with a vibrator can not only collect dust from the surface of upholstered furniture and bedding, but also beat her from the inside.

▼ Angle nozzle, which only asks us in the house on TV, are effective only for coarse dust.

▼ If you buy a vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning, ensure that it was equipped with a vacuum nozzle.It will collect a scraped surface the maximum amount of moisture.

TECHNICAL delights

But those who correctly choosing a vacuum cleaner in the house already experienced all its advantages;Who knew that such an ordinary vacuum cleaners and cleaning and now craves something unusual, too, can find a "toy" to their liking.

▼ For example, you can buy a vacuum cleaner for pest control.Mosquitoes overhanging summer ceiling or annoying roaches quickly and easily sucked into this miracle of technology and sacrificed it to hot air.

▼ There is also a very expensive "toy" called gidropylesos.It is not only cleanses certain surface but also the air in the building because the collected dust is not collected in a bag, and in a special compartment filled with liquid.It is considered that the quality of cleaning such unit is several times higher than usual, and even detergent.Experts claim that allergies and asthma own noses people feel the difference.

▼ And you can still buy a vacuum cleaner and a built-in!This innovation has moved from the category of science fiction into reality malonauchnoy.Himself cleaner permanently installed somewhere on the balcony or in the pantry.Air duct (tube, which runs clean and dirty air) can be hidden in the walls or floor.However, they can be laid, and close to the baseboards or under the ceiling and decorative panels are hidden.Summing it to each room.The rooms are also visibly present only wall inlet - "holes" into which to insert the hose.Inserted a hose, clean the room, he pulled out and went to another.The benefits, according to experts, lies in the fact that the vacuum cleaner is not necessary to drag along.The system works silently.And, most importantly, with a 100-percent guarantee - all the dust out of the house wound up!

We hope our brief comments to help you sort out what "little animal home" with the trunk is better to settle in your home.

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