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Viktor Loginov, actor "Happy Together"

I got my chance.

from Ekaterinburg I came to Moscow specially to fulfill the role of genes Bukin.Apparently, I was so like him that I was chosen from thousands of applicants.I got my chance and was able to use it.In the acting profession, much depends on chance, even more than in the profession prospector.Perhaps if there were no genes, people never would have known the artist Viktor Loginov.

These men work as porters

We are working with our producers, the Americans, and they kept telling us, "Get used to the fact that you are now the stars of the first magnitude."But I, as a man who has seen many things in life, missing it by ear.Once a person says, "I - a star" - is the beginning of the end.It stops growing.I have a philosophical attitude to his popularity.Today it is, tomorrow will end our show, and it will disappear.Yesterday I, like a real man, worked as a loader, today I play in the movie.Life is changeable and it is beautiful.

I like women unfeminine professions ...

Frankly, I think that acting is not quite masculine occupation.It is very much a female in the profession.But everyone is free to choose something for everyone.The main thing is to be in place.I now like women unfeminine professions.Thankfully, women miners have long gone, but I've met women - taxi drivers.And it's always been great: a great ride, great conversation.Have met with women police officers, they coped with their dangerous work as men.Although they had in life harder ... women in general to be difficult.Wise, sensitive, strong and weak ... Sometimes I regret that I was not able to play a woman in a movie or the theater.Apparently, I do not really like her appearance.But if you offer me something like that and it will be interesting and comical, happy to agree!Because the important thing for an actor - to express themselves.Gosha Kutsenko, for example, perfectly coped with the reincarnation of a woman in the film "Love-carrot".He was able to get used to the female character, show the woman remained outwardly healthy bald guy.This is the real skill of the actor, not just when you're acting like a transvestite, as you know, from what made the woman.

TV Shows I do not watch TV

I look very rare, prefer news and some current affairs programs.I do not miss a single transfer of Vladimir Solovyov's "the Stand".But I do not watch soap operas, there is no time."Happy Together", of course, an exception.I have watched some of the series, to control ourselves, to track their actions.Because time passes, you lose an objective assessment.After this experience, and the experience - big deal!

Bukin love each other!

Bukin family - is a collective image, exaggerated and carried to absurdity.While many of those watching "Happy Together", say, "Oh, and in our family all about the same!" About the same, but not so.

Of course, every man can find something of genes, and each woman - from Dasha.But we laugh at them, we bring them to the extreme strangeness.It is a social satire, and in this way we give people to understand how not to do it.But note that no matter what happens in the family Bukin, they remain together.Because they love each other!And we, the actors, really to stick to each other during filming!Our cinematic family relationships continue beyond the set!We are friends families!My wife, for example, is great for all our characters.I recently picked up and went with Sasha Yakin, who plays Roman, holiday in Egypt.Daria Sagalova, she Sveta also going, but it harder to find the time.In addition to filming in "Happy Together", she runs his own dance studio.But we often spend time together.We celebrate birthdays, go clubbing.We - like a big family.After all, with 9 in the morning until late at night.

Cool it man, this Gene

no secret that the "Happy Together" - the Russian version of the successful American TV series "Married With Children."Of course, Gene differs from its American prototype, played by Ted Mack Ginli.My character is more impulsive and emotional.But seriously deviate from the format of the image and can not be.General facts about Bukin family adapted to Russian reality.For example, the action of the series takes place in Chicago, the third largest city in America, we have the third largest and the importance of a Yekaterinburg, so the action takes place there.Gene, like American Hero, sells footwear, and his wife sitting at home.Actually, to be honest, we have little in common.Unlike genes, I try to take care of yourself.And football is not as sick as Gene.I prefer volleyball, I played well.In general, my sporting achievements are not as shiny as Gennady Bukin in his youth.But in general, I believe Gena Bukin - a cool guy!With him you never get bored!

Can be itself

I am the leading TV shows "Intuition".Here I can not be Viktor Loginov - actor "Happy Together", and himself.I really wanted to move away from the image of Gennady Bukin, and I think I got it.Very afraid to get stuck in his image.And I hope that with me it will not happen.American TV series was filmed 11 years - was removed and shown the same series of a week, and we show three.Soon the project will come to an end and start something new.

Moscow sucked me ...

Spectators think that I, like Gene, from Ekaterinburg.In fact, in Yekaterinburg I just studied, and was born and raised in Kemerovo.In Kemerovo I am more often because there live my relatives, a daughter from his first marriage.Vacationers body and soul.But Moscow has sucked me.This is my city.Even if there is no role, I find, what to do here.I see no reason to leave Moscow.

good memory of Gena Bukin

During the project my hero endured a bunch of identical blue shirts.A couple of shirts already settled with me.Required vyproshu also famous shoes Genes Bukin, in which he all this time went to work in his shop.They have seriously Ponos and do not look all that well, but imagine Gena without these shoes impossible.I leave them on a good memory of Gena Bukin.I think they have a chance to become our family heirloom.

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