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Important criteria for selecting the refrigerator

However, every purchase - is a very important decision in a person's life.These important decisions concerns the choice of the refrigerator.You have to make the right choice to suit your appliance for all functions and technologies are relevant today, not to mention the winning price.Today refrigerators are expensive and sold for a long time.So let's look at the most important criteria for selecting the refrigerator and try to model your own purchase, that she was the most successful.

An important parameter for most buyers when choosing a refrigerator is its price.It depends primarily on: the volume of the device type and model functions and many other criteria.Conventionally, refrigerators are divided into three categories according to the price.

to cheap refrigerators are machines cost about $ 200.Usually, this single-chamber refrigerators with a small freezer.Less can be purchased at a price, and a refrigerator with two chambers and a large freezer.Usually this price range include refrigerators S

oviet technology that has not changed for over 20 years.These include: "Atlant", "North", "Saratov".Foreign manufacturers rarely sell refrigerators at such prices, but you can find exceptions.

average price of refrigerators produced by various foreign manufacturers.Such refrigerators occupy the main part of the market and have a very high demand.These include: Ariston, Bosch, Electrolux, Liebherr and other models.Important criteria for the selection of refrigerators - is their volume and capacity, the latest cooling technology and newest design.They stand about 500 to $ 1000.They are more convenient to use and will allow you to save on energy consumption.It is also worth mentioning its extra features: alarm at the door, adjust the temperature in the main and freezers, free rearrangement of shelves, etc.

most expensive model acquire, mainly owners of holiday homes, cottages and large apartments.However, such models are always exceed the $ 1,000 barrier, providing a fridge features that do not always need the usual customers.The most important selection criteria refrigerator high price category include: low noise level, competent and unusual design, the maximum amount of the freezing and refrigerating.They are very easy to use, despite the fact that the creation and maintenance of refrigerators using the latest technology.These refrigerators are manufactured by: Liebherr, Electrolux, General Electric and many others.

Choosing the refrigerator - it is not very easy task that requires a detailed study of all its functions.A very important parameter is the number of cameras and the temperature range that they can support.Today's good refrigerator should have at least one refrigeration chambers and a freezer, and the products must be kept at a temperature that is not only spoiled, but do not freeze completely.

Refrigerators with a camera and a freezer are usually not very popular in the market, but these models can afford the representatives of poorer segments of the population.Often such refrigerators that do not have freezer, which means that the storage of certain products has become impossible to process.

Two-compartment refrigerators - is the most common form of this type of goods sold.They are much wider, and hence more demanded by buyers.One camera is refrigeration, and the other - the freezer.Usually, freezer is located under the freezer, so you can take the most necessary products without stooping, but just opening the door of the refrigerating chamber comfortable.Below you can store meat, fish and other products that you want to save a little longer, and above will be able to store the eggs, fruits and many other products that you will need constant.

Refrigerators with three chambers - is, as a rule, the criterion of expensive models.By conventional cameras added one more - the new camera, called a zero.This camera can be a drawer or, like others, have their own separate door and a shelf.Zero camera can be located anywhere, and sometimes even exceed the size of the refrigerator and freezer.

Criteria for selection of the refrigerator can be very diverse.Among them also occupies an important place volume of all chambers of the refrigerator, which will be placed and products.Selection of volume - is an individual approach to the instrument, without which you can not choose what is right for you.It all depends on how much food you freeze every day.If you are used to store a large number of products and important thing for you is the freezer, then you will be quite enough volume of 100 liters.If you do not like to store food, and often prefer to eat them right away as a family, then you may well would like to take half the size of 50 liters.An important parameter in the selection of the refrigerator is the number of people in the family.To have all been fed, and no one was deprived of it will be enough volume of 200 liters.This is the maximum amount that may have a refrigerator.Higher dimensions you probably do not need, but if you do not own a large company.

Remember that the choice of each electronic device must be approached with great responsibility.After all, as a rule, you buy a refrigerator, not only for themselves but also for relatives of people who live near you.Use these tips and learn how to question, before you buy a refrigerator.If you did everything correctly, the refrigerator will delight you and your family foods that never deteriorate and will remain tasty and healthy.

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