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Fashionable leather clothes

Leather items - now an indispensable element in the wardrobe of every fashionista.Moreover, unlike most of the momentary whims of flighty fashion, they are extremely practical and the best way to protect us from the piercing wind and slush of autumn streets.After all, quality dressed leather hardly hesitates and does not get wet at the same time it is very easy, you can say weightless, easy to "adapt" to the figure and allows the body to breathe.

However, there are some people who do not like to wear leather clothes, because they believe that it concealed some aggressive sexual beginning.To be honest with them is hard to disagree.But do not most of us dream to impress stylish, confident, cocky predator.And leather little things here can be very useful.If you want to avoid such overt hint of their own sexuality, and at the same time take advantage of all the advantages and comfort that gives us this natural material, it is advisable to stay just in models of pastel tones.Leather items sand color or

color of coffee with milk, rather to cause association with flax, rather than draw in the imagination of the surrounding image of the militant Amazons.

Perhaps the most practical leather jacket in the wardrobe - a jacket.It is warm enough to save you from having to wear a sweater, and not afraid of rainy season.This season there is still a classic style.And in contrast to the classics in the season break in leather jackets.Basically it is a short jacket in biker style, which are ideal for tight pants or jeans.This season, at the peak of fashion furs, namely, black or brown leather jacket decorated with luxurious fur.We note only that all sorts of coloring for amphibians (snakes there are different, pythons and lizards) completely lost relevance.

second most popular thing in a leather ensemble - pants.When they are no longer in fashion, they are American farmers and aggressive bikers.But if they fall into account the designers, even quite respectable ladies could afford to appear in the light of leather trousers.Differ from fashionable leather pants overalls cowboys, especially modern materials.The skin for the quality of trousers today put on a textile substrate.There was even a skin-stretch, perfect for sexy tight pants.

same minimalist with an emphasis on the quality of material is different this season, and leather skirts and leather jackets.

And one more important for the autumn streets remark: things out of the skin do not require painstaking care.Just from time to time they need to be treated with a special cream for the care of leather clothing, in the extreme case, you can use a shoe polish.However, the use of vegetable oil or cheap cosmetic cream should be abandoned: leather thing after such care can shine.Also, the leather is not advisable to wash the things they can deform or become rigid.They simply rub with a damp cloth.In exceptional cases, need to use dry cleaning.