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Ilya Lagutenko, signs of love

Ilya, tell us a little about his childhood.What are your earliest memories?Toys remember her?

Ilya Lagutenko:
I remember that I sang.My grandmother never tyrannized me boring lullaby she sang to me a lot of songs from his childhood and youth of the revolutionary - from "It was a detachment of the shore" to "the hills of Manchuria".As for toys, in our Soviet childhood they set it was very limited: cars were, and toy railroad was already transcendent happiness not on the fact of possession, but in fact the opportunity to see and touch it at all!So many things that I wanted, and I have seen with friends or in the picture, I imagined in my head.My world had drawn me characters.Sometimes I even arranged the likeness of puppet theater where puppets were painted on cardboard fantastic heroes - from astronauts to rock musicians.Who would call it a clever word "installation".

you really brought my grandfather?

Yes, my father
, unfortunately, died when I was a baby.The family of my mother was from Vladivo

stok.His first flight I made it there, from Moscow to Vladivostok.I was terribly moody child age somewhere to five.And then like some kind of lightning flew.I still remember that moment like a voice from above said: "Ilya, see, all the people around you really love and care about you - mother, grandmother, grandfather.They are not easy in this life, and do not be, please blunt uncomprehending child understand them, Appreciate and respect their attention and love. "Since then, our family peace and harmony.

your feelings: Fatherhood in the twenty years different from fatherhood forty?

Understanding the importance of the moment has not changed, only now completely different circumstances.I will answer for myself and I can not afford the luxury of family planning, as it is dry as it sounds.And much nicer to adjust life plans for the family situation, and not vice versa.

What does Igor?

My son is studying at the university.He chose his future profession.Despite the fact that he spent a lot of time with me on tours, its decision would not bind their lives with show business and go their own way, and I have great respect for it.He dreams of being a sports coach, probably like Guus Hiddink.

How do you and your new wife to him now are the relations?

We all have a great relationship: we are all adults, and it's one big family.We still spend a lot of time on the road, and the reason for this, of course, what I'm doing.In the meantime, tours are not yet completely awful heavy burden, but an urgent vital joy, we have to find the difficult decisions, how to do things you love and at the same time to be with loved ones.Recipe I have not found the end of pregnancy Ani it became very difficult thing.

have time to chat with Anna?

new technologies like Skype, SMS and e-mail makes communication possible is literally 24 hours a day in any geographical point of the planet.Sometimes, it seems that the mail and telegrams of the last century allowed a much more romantic communication than it is now.But that time is running together with the world in front of us, and you want - do not want to keep up necessary.

And why did you decide not to give birth in Russia?

Many say, "life issues" we are resolved on the circumstances.In addition, Anya was their duty to work in her agency from which she was not wriggle.

you to attend the birth of his wife?

Yes, of course.It was very important to me, I could not miss this day.And I heard a lot of feedback from all my friends and doctors on how different men react differently to it.Well, you know all those stories, probably as a firefighter who endured dozens of people from the fire on the 32 th floor, faints at birth of his wife ... Or as a loving husband, a crucial moment for some reason wants to run in kiosk andbuy all the staff of the hospital on a popsicle ... Or how Russian tradition: his wife to the hospital - a husband and friends in booze for three weeks (laughs) ... I did not want to test yourself.Just trying to relieve his wife this time.

wrote that you went on maternity leave ...

I gave it to myself.Despite the current crisis, I decided to stop at least for a couple of months from all appearances, that in the days and weeks to be with his wife and daughter.Moreover, it turned out that no grandmothers or nannies we were not there, so that coping themselves.And you know how you begin to live according to the schedule, it is you the new and the unknown, and you know that your touring flights, night concerts and other, which seemed harassing, turning almost a resort in comparison with feeding every two hours, with feelings, because thatSuddenly the baby not breathing, she does not look, do not shout, do not want to sleep ... In general, a whole new world, where the commander is not you.

Anna Zhukova:

Anna, tired?As a girl sleep at night?

tired, of course.Our dad we cherish and try not to pull his night unnecessarily.But he gets up in the morning and says I look great, and for me it is better than any caring word means.Well, when you start to climb again after pregnancy in her things that the last few months alone hanging in the closet, all generally falls into place.And I noticed that on Mumiy Troll's concerts an hour dancing to your favorite songs all tired of the month as a hand shoots!Can I think of my songs Ilya charged with positive energy, some special? ..

We have in this room a special project: "Games and Toys".What do you get your daughter?

It is still very small to very interested in toys, but my mother constantly puts her songs of Mumiy Troll, and convinces me that her father's voice calms even the most energetic songs.By the way, a few years ago we recorded the music for the animated film "Dunno and Barrabas", except there were instrumentals and songs such as "Come back to me, petals."This music has never been published as a separate disk, but now I put her daughter, and see that it begins to smile and even sing along.It made me think to share notes with other parents.I think in 2000, we will publish the plate, where the protagonists are mumiki-troliki - here's a toy!

What toys she has now?Sami buy something?

My sister gave her a wonderful bear, who now accompanies her everywhere.

Apparently, Albina, like his smiling face.I understand that I have yet to fulfill the set dochurinyh whims, but is relying solely on the choice of friends.They all have a taste: at home, at least kruzhavchiki pink frills and lots of unusual creatures - a zoo, and are pleased that they are all kind and smiling.

Anna, and tell you a little about his childhood.During that liked to play?

We had a big family - four of us brothers and sisters.I'm the eldest, so my "dolls" - my brothers and sisters.Mom and Dad - athletes were constantly on the endless competition, so that, as they say, often the whole house was on me.We had fun the four of us.We lived in St. Petersburg in a big old apartment, and used to play hide and seek.They loved to hide in the oven as long as my little sister out of the chimney fell off a rat!It was very funny, and since then the parents gave us a lot of soft toys mice.That's our daughter was born in the year of Mouse, so it is a happy sign.

What do you think when you need to start learning a foreign language?

If possible, the sooner the better, in our family all polyglots.I know Chinese and English, and my son, too.Sister I generally speaks ten languages, including Khmer!In general, practical knowledge of languages ​​makes you more open to the world and an elementary understanding of other people.A mutual understanding, in my opinion, is the basis of everything, including relationships Mezhuyev people.

think about the future daughter?

Maybe I will say commonplace, but I believe that it will be just happy.It's enough.

Now the wife is not working?

While Anna is fully committed to the child.We have absolutely no desire to take Albina nurse.I think now the most important thing parents to be with crumbs, divided his first steps in the world.

Now the child moves with you everywhere?Where do you live?

While settled in the suburbs, maybe not quite close to civilization, but I put in the first place with fresh air and rest.Around a little fuss and people - a child is good.Well, plenty of parents caroused the past few years, so that the balance of forces in nature still exists.So we understand that the life of contrasts.In our article on the subject Ilya Lagutenko - tokens of love you've learned a lot about the famous singer and his family.