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Food processor, a better buy

From the variety of models presented at stores scatter eyes.Therefore, before buying such useful technique, as the food processor should decide what it is you need.What features it should have.What you will most likely be used.

you decide to buy a food processor to facilitate cutting vegetables, fruits and berries.What is the best buy in this case?You perfect the simplest model.Typically, such models are not expensive.Also these simple models are small in size, light in weight, easy to operate.They are very convenient, because it is easy to disassemble and assemble, to clean, but most importantly take up little space.Every good housewife making preparations for the winter.In that case, the food processor for chopping vegetables and fruits you just need.In addition it is useful to you and in everyday cooking.

More expensive models food processor combine a set of various functions.This blender and juicer, and sliced ​​into cubes and sticks, and even meat grinder.But before you buy a model, think about wh
ether you need this model, whether you need all the features, whether you use them.Today, the sale of food processors that suggest the hosts, which nozzle is better to take what speed turn.You can buy a model with built-in cookbook.

One of the most important characteristics - capacity food processor.It is important that its capacity for the size of the cup and of the number of products that combine the processes.Not unimportant is the bowl itself.It is best to pick up a bowl of durable, fire-resistant material.The ideal ratio of the power and scope of the bowl combine is as follows: 300W - 1.5 liter, 400W - 2n, 700W - Zl.

weakest processor power can only cut products.Average been able to process a large amount of vegetables and fruits.As this capacity is enough for the press.In order to qualitatively squeeze juice or chopped meat needed capacity greater than 500 watts.
How to buy a food processor - the choice is yours.

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