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TV: harm or benefit?

propensity to violence.
One may resent the topic that on the screen so much violence.But this would not have happened if it had not been great demand for it in the action-packed films and programs.Studies worldwide have shown that the abuse actually watching TV increases the propensity to violence.The thing is that many of the pictures we see on the screen look like real ones.Many situations occur, or may occur in real life.We understand that this is just fiction, but our body believes we experience fear, anger, regret, as if engaged themselves in a dangerous situation.Over the years, we are getting used to watching violence and to be passive, and this adversely affects the psyche.


modern television constructed in such a way as to capture the attention sees in the morning and did not let him go until late at night.And even at night there is always something to see.If you spend watching TV only 3 - 4 hours daily, extra weight will inevitably accumulate.The habit of a sedentary lifestyle,
taking into account the time spent in the office, does not lead to harmony and lack of sleep leads to the replacement of sleep calories.So often picture when someone is always something to chew while watching television.

Sleep disorders.

As already mentioned, transmission or find an interesting movie on TV at any time of the day.Sometimes people sacrifice sleep in order to see the next series of your favorite movie.At the same time, sleep and affects the content of movies.Any things that trigger strong emotions, do not contribute to the rapid fall asleep and sleep deeply.Many people who spend their evenings at the TV screen, complain of difficulty falling asleep, insomnia or nightmares.Sometimes these symptoms become chronic and require the intervention of specialists.

change in consciousness.

no secret that television is not too concerned that viewers develop intellectually or morally.This box is presented to us as if on a platter ready ideas, thoughts, images.Only it's not our thoughts and our feelings, they artificially implanted, we are accustomed to think and feel that way, and not otherwise.Moreover, satellite particularly affects children emerging psyche.Infinite seat at the screen can slow down the development of imagination, creativity, increase the level of anxiety.In addition, the children see are not the best role models, patting on your favorite television characters.

protection measures.

First, do not turn on the TV just so "for the background."Secondly, choose carefully the program.If you do not want to see violence or worry about some events not see those films and programs that can disturb your peace.Third, monitor what your children are watching and how much time they spend watching television.Up to a certain age, children are not able to correctly interpret what is happening on the screen, they need your explanations.So do not take the TV as a free babysitter and leave their children alone with a speaker box.Choose
educational and familial transmission for viewing movies choose carefully.If your child is watching TV an hour or two a day, each time discovering something new and useful, in that harm will not.If the TV set will be his only entertainment, and best friend, you will soon notice the negative consequences of such a pastime.

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