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Born Olga Nawrocki

day when she switched the speed

morning Olya somehow remembered the fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz": a little girl Ellie with the house picked up a hurricane and carried far, far away ... Then, with his mother sat down to tea.The television showed a program that Navrotskaya said that he was afraid of moments of absolute happiness: then bursts into life terrible and unexpected.By lunchtime Olya waited her best friend Natasha Mogilev.Girlfriend got on and rode bikes to ride.

It was time to go home, especially because the sky was covered with clouds."Five minutes later, it began a terrible hurricane.The forest through which we rode, the wind felled huge pine!Natasha saw behind me fell trees.I felt: even a moment - and my vertebrae crunch from the terrible shock.The nightmare lasted a few minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. "When the friend finally flew into the courtyard garden, the wind blew the tent.It soared as fabulous house Alley, and Olya and Natasha tried to evade its spinning metal pins tha

t suddenly turned into a dangerous weapon.

«Mogilev then very scared, I, strangely enough, fell into euphoria.Then we began to laugh: it is actually filmed before the hurricane "farewell" video!And so picturesquely bowed to the camera ... And then I remembered a story that came up for Natashkiny clip: a beautiful summer day, which gives way to a catastrophe.All in the same way as in real life!It was not alone.Just got sick and video shoot, and in general to do something.Later, I realized: I was warned over.To not think that such a steep.After my father died, crashing into a tree.Before that Uncle - it also collapsed shaft.And I might suffer the same fate. "On the date of birth of Olga Nawrocki occurred unexpected situation, the passport number is 15, and she was born on 14 Indeed, as parents say.

A couple of months before the incident
Ole seemed to include "god mode".They began to come true absolutely fantastic dreams.I called the producer friend from Hollywood, she liked Olin story "Life after death Masha ordinary", written ten years ago.She said that it is possible to try to film and to be translated into English.Singer Tatyana Piskareva suggested that Navrotskaya shot for her clip.Mogilev advised her friend to try his hand at directing."One had the feeling - everything happens in my will.And then I just did not break a tree head ... Anyone in my place would be frightened.I, of course, continue to move in my direction.But more quietly, without any strain. "

day when she realized that dream come true

first Olga realized that she was someone up there watching in 18 years.Already it was clear that Walt Disney Ukrainian pouring out of it will not turn out.In vain she came to Poland to work on a contract assistant animator.The problems started: people who took Olya to her assistant, forgot about its obligations, and she was abroad with little or no work and no money.All turned on its head: friends turned into enemies, and the people with whom she could barely communicate while working in Kiev for the animation studio, on the contrary - became close.In Poland, Olga had actually starve."Then the bun was worth 1000 PLN, which I was not.That day I was on the road.Very hungry.I visualize the bun as she gently squeezed by pressing fingers.And I saw that someone had scattered the money for the land - 50 100 PLN.When I collected and counted, it appears exactly 1,000 zlotys! "Today, recalling the incident, Navrotskaya believes that it was a sign - still someone upstairs watching her and help.Just then it was not his way.

Back in Kiev, Olga entered the Faculty of Geography.I thought that the specialty "Geography" will help her to see the world.However, the university became clear: romanticism in this profession there, but a lot of chemistry and advanced mathematics.After studying for a year, I went to work - first secretary in the foreign construction company, then assistant to the president of the oil company."My life has always been like this: case.Somehow, I was fascinated by the genre of fantasy.As a child, I read the racing, fiction, but fantasy has passed by me.For the first time I took the book Zelazny, Tolkien 24 years.They are so impressed me that I started to write.His first story posted on the Internet.Then all that is written wanted to illustrate. "

, that it lacks the academic art training, because of which at the time Navrotskaya failed in the exams on the design faculty of the Institute of Light Industry.Then Olya just started to draw people in clothes.It has a good work out.

At that time, my husband was the commercial director of "Russian radio".He introduced me to Olga Gorbachev.We quickly became friends.One day I was told about the Fine Arts, and Olga asked to show her sketches. "Gorbachev drawings quickly moved to Yuri Nikitin, well-known producer and wanted to get acquainted with the talented artist."Nikitin, Ira Bilyk and Olga Gorbachev I believe his godparents in the profession.It came up with the Jura, that I should become a stylist.Like, I have a production base of developing images.I liked the idea.In my opinion, the stylist - a DJ.It can take different things and create one image. "

first project
Nawrocki was the solo concert of Irina Bilyk.Olga developed several outfits for the singer and her ballet."At first I was just Ira, and then I tried myself everywhere.I went to the magazines in the advertising business.Having worked in all areas of image creation, filming a photo shoot, fashion history covers.And all this in one year! "Then there was the first musical" Chasing Two Hares "."When I was interested in something, I can be very persuasive.Fear of stars never let not resisted, not conflict, when suddenly the star did not want to wear something out of my stuff.While this almost was not.Creating an image - a collaboration between the director and the actor.That is a stylist first offers his idea, and then made some adjustments and so on. D. I draw sketches, I went to Moscow to try on.I still do not understand how could then pull such volumes. "

Once Olin
insomnia violated a call from ... Philip Kirkorov (they met on the set).Singer invented that Navrotskaya necessarily introduce Pugachev with Ukrainian director Alan Badoev."Soon, we went to meet Alan Alla Borisovna.Two hours and a half sat in a conference room, on the board before Badoev Pugacheva Borisovna Azzla approved all but said she was not sure whether all this will put on.I said, for me to just be nice to do it for something.Then she came to Kiev.In the "Premier Palace" we had a fitting, and it all came.She starred in my suits.

day when she was in the open space

It seemed that she was doing something frivolous."He did not understand why I suddenly started doing something else.And perhaps he was right.As a result of these changes have led us to divorce. "

Together they lived for ten years
, and spread their show business.But not immediately.About three years Olga tried to connect family and work."I've got a lot of friends, and my husband has never been craving for new faces.

After the divorce Navrotskaya realized that was in the open space."As if from a warm and familiar world pushed me into a vacuum.It turns out that the ten years of my marriage completely changed the relationship between people - in all there was some distrust of cold calculation.Maybe I'm just afraid to be alone and therefore has lost the inner lightness.I'm used to being with me always someone nearby.Only in recent years began to feel self-sufficient, to evaluate themselves objectively.Even his appearance.I am physically developed very early and probably for a long time because shy of his body.As a married woman, all men perceived compliments.But when I got to the "freedom", the number of men who pay attention to me, increased ... It turns out that this is always under the gun, it develops in you a woman.And I start to value yourself when was the professional.Now I understand that I perceive not just as a "body", and my complete image.Respect for colleagues, people with whom I work,

day when she got into another world

During the filming Badoeva Olya met a young Russian actor.In the evening, the leading man was fitting at Nawrocki.Fluids spread the love around them so quickly that they did not have time to recover."What happened to us - some crazy chemistry.We actually did not sleep for six weeks.Feeling as if were in another world. "

After filming, he returned to Moscow.Navrotskaya just came to him, and realized that he could not continue this relationship."I had not yet learned to give the freedom of man and knew that I would not trust a man who lives in another city.Besides his profession - actor.Then he spent three or four months I have tried to bring to a frank conversation.But I chop off everything, though it was very painful.Apparently, I was saved by intuition.Just after a while he had a girl with whom he later lived for three years.And if I had not moved to the side, it certainly would be seriously worried.

I now revised its outlook on relationships with men.
for me now is very important freedom.I - a woman one hundred percent.Can a man and his coffee in bed lodge and cook dinner.But parallel looking for new ways of development.Personal relationships are not possible because if all the energy is concentrated in one direction.I want a man who will not limit my plans, but at the same time give an opportunity to relax and feel supported. "

Recently, a friend of the singer called Nawrocki man band.Because Olga knows how to do everything.It is like an orchestra, brings together different instruments together and makes them perform beautiful music.Perhaps one day it will be able to combine their career-ambitious goals, and love?

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