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Actress Vakhtangov Theater Yulia Rutberg

enumerate a list of her roles - pointless: take half a page, but the essence remains the same - it is the nature.Whatever the actress played the Vakhtangov Theater Yulia Rutberg - always, it seems that she is watching ... the audience.And even knows what emotions cause her role, words, gestures, looks.It - it takes the Vakhtangov Theater and favorite actress famous film director Vladimir Mirzoyev, Mikhail Kazakov, Garia Chernyakhovsky, Pyotr Fomenko.Akhmatova role in the play "Khlestakov" Secret and malevolence in "The Queen of Spades" created a halo around her name a character actress.The images in the movie, too, were born only when she had something to tell the audience: "Male pattern", "check", "Moscow Windows", "Family Secrets."

Whatever performed Anatoly Lobotsky - two hours kinodramaturgicheskogo and theater compressed time we live a lifetime.Momentary passion thanks to his play in the theater turned into a fatal tragedy (the play "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District", "Fun Don Juan", "Freisc

hütz Krechinsky" and others.) And Andre role in the film "Envy of the Gods" made him popular.

However, the lights go out and
remains the wonderful understatement, which, in fact, led to the emergence of this interview, what they live outside of the screen and the ramp?It is they - so carefully hide their personal, general, life.

first reference point on their way - the delay.No, not on a first date.At the premiere.A certain number of years ago, the actress Vakhtangov Theater Yulia Rutberg scheduled to visit the Moscow premiere of the film "Envy of the Gods."But twirled, shook - not in time."Nothing - calmed herself an actress.- I look at "Kinotavr".She was interested in a new job, Vladimir Menshov, who shoots albeit rarely, but neatly.Although it is traditionally the world scold films in any case become events.And curious to see an unknown actor who had the honor to play a major role at the Menshov - French journalist, Andre handsome.This "Mr. X" has managed to make his debut in film in 42 (!) Years.It immediately started talking about Moscow.What is apparently the actor Lobotsky, Julia did not know.Therefore always confused with actor Andrei Martynov.And that's because the thing - to "Kinotavr" premiere actress again missed - slept.

Fate will bring
them later in the entreprise "Play Strindberg Blues" Mikhail Kazakov.And from then on, life itself will dictate the way in which they are grown people, fully receive a portion of their own mistakes and disappointments, decide to go together.

repels will of goodbyes - it is their second reference point.It was necessary to survive, to live the past to leave it behind.At Julia - 10 years of marriage to a rock musician Alex Kortnevym, leader of the "accident," a loud divorce, sudden marriage to the former wife of the famous gymnast.

«When people get divorced, do not look for the cause in one of them.Both sides like to blame and right.Therefore, as I had not provoked, - he says Yulia Rutberg - life will not say a bad word about Alyosha.I consider him a great musician and a very strong man.I sincerely wish you happiness Lesha, and can not be otherwise.After all, we lived together for many years.There was a time - very fond of each other.I hope that today he lives with a man who he really expensive.

Alyosha would hardly have dared to take such a step, nothing is pre-deliberation.We parted as friends, and foolishly wish him eternal loneliness and similar rubbish.The less in life and negative stimuli, the better.So do not spend emotions anger and revenge.They should be given only for the love of neighbor.

course, after certain events have occurred with Tolay Lobotsky some problems with ex-wives and husbands, but they are unlikely to interest a stranger.The main thing is that between all of us to maintain normal relations.Feelings of guilt for past there.But there is full recognition that if we are to Lobotsky well together, it means that we, in turn, are obliged to do so not to hurt anyone. "

Anatol - its history: early marriage at 19 years old, the son, who is now slightly younger than his father.However, Toll questions about the past meets sparingly and with restraint:

«Suppose I puschus in any revelation.But this interview will be read by my ex-wives, children, or women with whom I was once.And each will be immediately extrapolated it all on yourself and think, 'Holy smoke, not me whether he had in mind at this point? "Therefore, these topics do not want to talk."

At the third mark
his life scale, they agreed - the work, you know.In it, they - burn and dissolve, fade and are reborn.Theater - their element.Yulia Rutberg eccentric as the broken line is always psychologically embodies a paradoxical way.Anatoly Lobotsky also able to play not only the emergence of feelings, but also the subtle nuances of its development.Although there is a paradox - Toll made his debut on the silver screen later:

«I have been actively engaged in the theater Mayakovsky, - says Anatoly.- There I was invited by the artistic director of the course Andrei Goncharov.Each month, he played 30 performances.Although perhaps the whole thing in my late arrival to the theater (to him I graduated from the institute of culture).Or maybe the reason is that virtually none of the generation of the 80 graduates, except Dima Pevtsova in the movie is not filmed.The names of other classmates, alas, today will not say anything to anyone.But, speaking of his workload during this period, I mean the crowd, because, as any actor who has been involved in all the pieces, including the fairy tale. "

Lobotsky became prime minister, and beat all imaginable and unimaginable starring in Mayakovka.But extras actor did not strained.On the other hand, I enjoyed every appearance on the stage.And then - a spiritual dissonance:

«One day I picked up, and left the theater.And forever ... Went to the Netherlands, I do not know - why, why.This had absolutely no idea what I will do in the eternal country of tulips.I went to an empty space.Apparently, came the hard creative crisis.10 years of continuous plowing brought not the sweetest fruit.Therefore I jerked aimlessly.However, six months later thawed, weighed it all, I thought, and came back to his home theater.We accept with pleasure, and the inner Throwing treated with understanding. "

Understanding probably
, and they pull together.Lobotsky wise enough to react to emotional outbursts favorite wife quietly.Because doubly good that they not only look, but also in various theaters operate.But the prime minister did not miss their halves.Anatoly strictly related to the work of his wife: just that - making the remark.My husband knows very well, so never admires to stupor.Although after the premiere certainly congratulate, praise.He understands what a colossal work.Julia, do not dissemble, he says about the work of the spouse as:

«Whatever character he embodied not always does it with dignity.I had him not be ashamed.We go several times to each other for performances.If you love a person, then I trust him.But when you start to compete in the profession for a man with whom you live, then it is necessary to disperse ... The husband has a brilliant sense of humor.The late Gregory Gorin said that it was his favorite of all, Antonio, who was in the play "A plague on both your houses."

High Does this relationship?No, the usual.For loving hearts.Having found each other, they have expanded the common space of friendly intimacy, and this was the fourth reference point in the scale of their love - the house as a territory of happiness, total silence, common and different hobbies.When there are no cases, and the silence in the apartment - is doubly remarkable.Shreds reading, Julia learns texts.Sometimes they are pulled out to the movies.Sometimes, for a few days, to the country, but this is rare.More Lobotsky - an avid fisherman winter.Charged by nature, loneliness.He - not a public person, not vain, the company does not pull the blanket over himself, on the contrary - is doing everything possible in order not to attract attention.Julia also do not mind silence, but for a long time to be alone can not.Sometimes, though rarely, when the night to visit him fall down.The owners accept uninvited, unexpected friends with joy and pleasure.

stumbling block for many families - everyday life - they are bypassed.Well, it is not their point.Julia and Anatoliy to "bytovuhe" treated with utmost ease: who has the time, and he is busy.There is no "patriarchal despotism."Especially since there are only homes early in the morning, but late in the evening.Breakfast - on the run coffee with milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cereal soluble.Lunch - in the theater.Although Julia - a big fan of Japanese cuisine.And your home does not understand all of these culinary delights in the form of one hundred and sixty-seven salads.What for?

«I really love to cook soups.And I do all sorts of salads.What matters is that quick.Puff two hours the plate - not for me.I once had the mother's experience.It is even in the "scoop", when everything was in short supply, all managed to feed to satiety.House door is always open for birthdays going on 50.I remember on the anniversary of his mother sat, exhausted, and all of the cheeks was eating her cooking.I decided: in my life that does not happen. "

Even Julia Tolia "on you" with the computer.To master this miracle it helps son Grisha.By the way, with him Julia relationship built on complete confidence, like brother and sister.And so what Julia complete incompetent, so it is in the art of sewing:

«I remember sewed at school" economics "nightgown.The teacher has not been able to pick up the definition of my abilities to needlework.The most offensive that my friend sewed shirts for the same patterns.She received the "Spanish boot", and I - "Arc de Triomphe".

In ordinary life, Julia
prefers sporty style clothes.The main thing - to understand what suits you, and feel comfortable.That's the way, and create his own style: "Sometimes it is enough to put any thing to feel confident.At the same suit you can look different.The appearance depends on what kind of mood you.When you do not have a headache, you're carefree, young.All is well!And then suddenly you look: "Good heavens!Where else on the face of 45 years came from, where those hunched shoulders, instead of eyes - slit the ears like an elephant? »

only in Paris, she can afford to seriously change the wardrobe and for a long time to wander around the shops.And because all purchases are made on the fly.In daily life is extremely mild makeup actress Vakhtangov Theater Yulia Rutberg.However, she loves to experiment with hair color.And she loves, loves, loves to do ... unexpected gifts.Shred happy to buy clothes - sweaters, pullovers, expensive perfumes.From any travel brings his favorite cigarettes.He presents her figure verblyudikov that Julia has long and passionately collects.And the spirits of "wedge".The course that his wife can not stand the flowers as "obyazalovke" so bouquet presents exclusively from the heart, and only when the soul is singing.

But in what does Julia can not categorically deny, it's new shoes and travel by taxi.Recognizes that such a passion from her mother.The actress incredible amount of shoes, however, pass a good boutique she is unable to.And then a new box, but in a taxi.She can safely eat all day, but the metro in life later.

Accumulating she and her husband can not.And do not try.If something painfully pleasant - lend and buy.We must live as long as he lives.But in the cake will break, will work as hard, but not necessarily solve the problems of children, parents, if any.This is another, fifth note in the scale of life values ​​Vakhtangov theater actress, Julia Rutberg.

few years ago
seriously ill father of Julia - Ilya Grigoryevich.It took the expensive treatment.The daughter, who adores the pope, did her best to ease his suffering.I agree on every single proposal.Tmutarakan went to where the viewer is categorically not understand her poetic performance.Tabloids with joy jackal caught on production - fried facts.And let each other izgolyatsya who are a painful blow: and "halturschitsa" and "incompetent" and "booed" and "left the stage to the sound of your own heels."Of course, Rutberg was well aware that he was going not quite to his audience, but my father is very ill ... In this life she loves and unquestioningly obey exactly three of his men: dad, husband, son.Well, nothing - I survived.Over time, mental pain subsided.And most importantly - the Pope has become easier.

«I am one of those individuals who, after a pin on the right cheek substitute left.Going the other way - I stop with the likes of all possible communication.And just to give to understand that it is not going to forgive anybody.Or rather, I can forgive, but to forget - not.How to deal with someone who is not trying to hide the jealousy and anger?Yes, Lord, you look for the root of the problem in itself!If a person is a scoundrel, then he is a scoundrel.If you committed treason, to which silently wait for the second time?It is better to explain and to stop talking to him.There are people with whom I have not talk.

I'm not strong and not weak
.Once put on the mask of "impenetrable Lady", is not defending himself from a simple and successful fate female actress.And now I want to see my face reflected only what lives and what the soul is happy.Recently, I changed a lot.Job requires great play and beautiful to deceive viewers.But at the same home, family, friends - is one thing.Theatre work - is another.But I'm long braided all these faces into a single braid.Now, thank God, stopped, looked around, I thought better of it and rebuild. "

just reference points on which to base any scale of measurement, lined up in a row.Boiling point and freezing passions of the heart - has already passed.Folded, squeezed, lined up - all that is now called the couple Rutberg - Lobotsky.

«Sometimes, it seems, - says Julia - that God himself gave me such a fantastic gift.Today is bad imagine how all these years lived without Tolley.I do not try to compare it to any of his former men - is meaningless.Probably sooner Yulia Rutberg also have been some very good, but a totally different story.But we were afraid with him then, confused, much would be lost.Would suffer without the other.With all though we are very different people.Probably, this is the beauty of the relationship when a certain fateful moment, unlike the individual intersect and become communicating vessels. "

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