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Beauty Secrets from Larisa Guzeeva

Screen image often misleading and far from the real nature of the actor.Yet to suggest that a gentle romantic "Bride" Guzeeva so strong by nature, is difficult.This woman is striking in its confidence and determination.Larisa - a Scarlett O'Hara today: strong, not afraid of life, able to fight for their happiness, loving yourself.But these traits are understandable: it is Ural Cossack, who grew up in the harsh Orenburg region.

said a student of beauty Lara uhlestyval Viktor Tsoi, but with no less famous musician Sergey Kuryokhin she had a passionate affair.At age 23, with the superstars of the Soviet cinema Larisa starred in his starring role Eldar Ryazanov."Cruel Romance" because, apparently, will remain a major painting in her life, though she played in many others.However Guzeeva not just an actress.She is a happy woman, adoring her husband and two children.Larisa, you, of course, a man alone, but in the beginning is very important someone's support.You had help?

I itself did
.Like the frog, ranked in jug with milk: beat her, beat her and whipped cream.But seriously, then I saw the light, making out the signs of destiny, which signals to me since adolescence.I can not say that I had a really happy childhood.In my life it's quite a difficult period associated with weight restrictions and prohibitions, fear of elders, dependent on them.School, I could not stand and all the forces resisting its dictates.In high school, I began to wear short skirts, heavily painted, smoking, expressed mat.My mother was a teacher and she, of course, getting any of my tricks.But it was a youth protest against the imposed standards.I was exposed to the tenth class of the room when the TV was a movie with innocent kisses.Therefore, immediately after receiving the certificate, I flew out from under the parental wing and sped away from the house.Rip, probably a student?Still would.I've lost my avangardistki parties, hippovala often instead of lectures are sent to the "Saigon," the St. Petersburg fashionable cafe, a gathering rockers.Always trying to dress fashionably.Already in the first year moonlighted as a model, some of the dresses my mother sewed.Then I am still friends with a fashionable artist who came up with me a make-up and clothes, as it is now doing Gauthier.Incidentally, he was also gay.I wore long hair parted in the middle, put on his forehead birthmark Indian, and felt that I was worthy only of people like Laurence Olivier and Richard Burton.Beauty Secrets from Larisa Guzeeva not rack up, she knows how to keep their privacy.The

you our star as the same Mikhalkov, with which you then portrayed the fateful passion in "Cruel Romance" not satisfied?After all, this is a serious luck you with partners at the very Ryazanov took off.

, though I was a naive girl from the distant Siberia, but my head was in place, and who is Nikita Mikhalkov, he understood perfectly.I respect him very much.Mikhalkov - a celebrity, a real star, who is married to the same man - in my eyes, he appeared unattainable.Moreover, I always believed that my fans and so lacking.It seemed that all men shall fall at my feet and express their enthusiasm.As a partner Mikhalkov helps me a lot to play a difficult scene, because in the 23 years I have with such sufferings and tragedies of love has not yet encountered.And as luck, I was lucky, of course, but only in the fact that among the thousands of contestants Eldar chose me.Well this is not the story of when she is invited to act in films, accidentally saw her at the bus stop.I passed all the tests, as well as plenty of other candidates.I remember, I came to the studio in ripped jeans hipparskih with colorful nails money in long hair.When smoked belomorinu, he spat through his teeth.In general, his future did not look like the heroine.We just Ryazanov eyes widened my view.But then I washed, combed, dressed, and appearance has changed completely.

Larissa, and you is not hard to carry the burden of this role?After all, most of the audience was with her associates you.

No, you
.I am happy that I have had such a starring role, how many can boast that?And what with the fact that my other movies no one but me, not really remember?All that I have, I earned only their profession.Maybe I'll be flexible and accommodating, my creative life would have been much more successful.There were all sorts of abuse.But I'll Ural arrogant woman, and no one will give no quarter.I now have the opportunity to not shoot at all in a row, and choose, or even not to appear.But I believe that the love and respect can only work lady, because she is independent.Your husband shared the view of beauty secrets from Larisa Guzeeva?Of course.Igor and know each other for many years.We met a student, I was 18, he was - 17, although married much later.I often went to watch the performances in Moscow, where he lived.Of course, I saw that he was indifferent to me, but at that age, even one year strongly shares.Jokingly said, well, if you like me - mine the money, man.All these years Igor was my true friend.I was very harsh life lesson with her first husband, who died from drugs, with great difficulty disentangled.I was a few years tormented guilt for his death, happened, I myself was applied to a glass, to numb the pain.I do not even want to remember this hell.Since then, I know that no love and no tragedy lasts forever, time heals everything and returns to life.Judging by the fact that you are still married to Igor, he was able to save money ...

My husband is a successful man,
restaurateur.Honestly, I never liked the male actors.They were just not interested in me because of their psychology.If a man of forty years was not able to make to properly provide for his wife and children, he or lazy, or stupid.These to me simply do not exist.Tell me, Larisa, and your son is seen with his father, who now lives in Georgia?

course.George constantly keeps in touch with his father and paternal relatives.On summer vacation goes to Tbilisi to grandparents who adore him.Son's not my fault that we have with his father is not a relationship.Yes, and no one is to blame, but we were raised in different traditions and different imagine family life.With regard to this part of it, like cooking, you will probably be spared the labor of the stove?I actually amazing cook, and my culinary abilities in St. Petersburg even composed legend.So my husband and I can compete, especially since I have the experience - was holding his own restaurant.And about my kitchen is not just me in high regard, but also relatives, friends, colleagues.But one thing - to do for the guests, and quite another - professionally.For me, the restaurant was completely independent business, such as the theater, which I became involved, committed to his own surprise, playing in antrepriznom play "Mousetrap."That's it.I've played enough in the restaurant.Although just brilliant cook.Larissa, and you do what cuisine you prefer?Any

.If only the light and lean.A better home, to which my mother taught me.

believe, strong tea
, and coffee, I first tried in twenty years.Absolutely do not eat fried, and not because it is bad, but simply tasteless.In my life I supomanka: love soups.Any.But the saying "once a day soup should be in the stomach" hate.When I was in college, my mother called almost every day, and repeated this phrase, which is permanently alienated me from the first dishes.However, and age was disgusting: I wanted to do the opposite.My mother, as always, was right to rely on meaningless makeup on her face - just what you eat.So now I adhere to a healthy lifestyle.I have always and everywhere prepared itself at the same time manages to make a mask out of oatmeal and fruits alive.And look what my color!

Rarely meet the person who can be in awe of himself so sincerely and convincingly.

It's just, I love myself too.I have a child such delusions of grandeur.I think I'm alone know how to live.Sometimes it hinders me, but as it turned out, periodically is beneficial.It is important, how are you doing.Here's an example.I started very early to go abroad, even when he was a concrete curtain with our total deficit.Spain, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, France ... Daily paid - five dollars, but were living in five-star hotels.And there every day - shampoo, soap, beautiful napkins ... And all this brought with them, and then gave.It's been a wild and exotic deficit.But I forced myself not to take.Decided: "Do not take it!That's what I - not vain! "Friends in your life the concept of what took place?

- can on one hand counted.Two friends in my life: Faith Glagoleva and Ira Konchalovsky.But I have confidence in them: these people I just do not sell and do not hurt.Life is so taught.My husband and I are very few friends.The House did not invite anyone.And then because we are all the time in public.So, you need to rest at home.

Larissa and her husband shared your culinary preferences?

In this sense, Igor - my exact opposite: love fried, smoked, spicy marinated.But we managed with my mother gradually accustom him to moderate vegetarianism.For example, I do not cook meat soup, exclusively vegetable.I - rablezianka: I love and know how to eat.And in the race we were not thin!I love it so much food was tasty and the whole day.And then, as you rightly pointed out, the whole dinner emerges on his face ...

Oh!After the second birth I gained 38 kilos!But I realized that with all the love of a husband for me, such a body mass he did not survive.Acting had quickly and drastically in the first three months dropped 15 kilograms.Then another 15. The remaining eight.Therefore, when the friend asked how to lose weight, I always say, "There are no miracles.There is only one sure way - is not. "If the hamster every day a dozen oranges, polkuritsy, a few eggs, the weight is reduced, no matter how fat burners swallow.For love is to suffer.And for the sake of art you, what sacrifices might go?

Before my last theater project
twelve days I saw only green tea without sugar and ate a couple of spoonfuls of oatmeal, boiled in water without salt.And never so brilliant is not ready, as it was then.Mom called it masochism.And I just went mad: wake up, taught the text of the role and give three or four meals three times a day.This is nothing without trying!It was a kind of hysteria: I understand that at any time can get out of its own strict rules of the game, but then I'll hate myself.In addition, for mothers, children and Igor invented a separate menu.Believe, have been busy all burners plus oven.Igor loves burgers can eat them once a basin.And I made him a meat and fish.And for his son came up with children's version - with vegetables inside, which in its pure form it is difficult to push.For daughters - pureed soup with celery.And what applies to your spouse experiments?Igor - a professional chef, so it irritates everything that is done not by science.He gets mad at the sight of how I cut onions, throw out of order the vegetables in the soup.First, he said: "I is not going there, because it's impossible to cook!" And when try admires: "You're a genius!" Soups he can not stand, but my eating.And as you all have time - and play and cook, and children do?

I try to cover everything, and my mother helps me.Lelia I am forty years old gave birth, she was a late child.And George, in our opinion, too late, at thirty-two.In the West, it's no surprise there is a woman just at that age give birth to children and when they can give them much more than in his younger years.I'm in my 20 years, she was still a stupid child.The appearance of the first child, I prayed to God for years.A daughter gave us a pleasant surprise with her husband.Children like you?

At Lely
my eye color and shape of the face, and I think it is most father's daughter.And George is like me.One problem - does not want to study, read, not make, the computer sits.I'm trying to convince him: "George, my mother also hated school.But it is necessary to pass.You're not going janitor.Be sure to get an education. "

But he wants is just entertainment.My daughter 10 years, and his son - 17. Who is his character breaks.I think that awkward age - as the climax.He noticed unintelligent people, who do not know how to behave in the hands.If a person is brought up, even hormonal storm could easily survive.Although sometimes, of course, an argument we happen.But such pleasant things, like coffee in bed, your house pet?

And what - and my husband and son.But I have all the free time I stand at the stove, I cook for the family.I have been an au pair, but my husband said that we have two women in the house, they say, be so kind as to prepare themselves.And he added: "If you will not miss out on a job and a house - do not work."So, do it yourself.And while I do not leave the profession, like any husband offered.I always used to hope for themselves.Larissa, you keep your recipes as a military secret, or may give, if asked?

.Here's a dessert for a penny, and two minutes, which can capture the imagination of his friends, as if preparing for two days and two nights.In a frying pan with non-stick bottom put butter (butter only).Cut the ripe banana lengthwise and toasting over high heat on both sides until brown, each side of the pre sprinkle with sugar - candy effect is obtained.Then sprinkle with grated chocolate, rum poured over a spoon, and set fire to make the pan under the cries of "hip hip hooray".Surprisingly tasty and beautiful.My family can enjoy this exotic at least every day.And we do this bread yourself!This dish I learned Baltic actress Grazyna Baykshtite.Buy Borodino, slice and fry it in vegetable oil with seasoning "Vegetta."When the bread slightly cooled down and hardened, rub it with garlic on both sides.You can apply to any salad or soup.It is interesting that such a sophisticated lady chooses the restaurants, or you do not someone else go?Why, I go.But if I go to a cafe or restaurant, never taking difficult courses: if the meat - the piece if fish - the whole.It has long since become a tradition.I would rather eat a half a loaf of bread with mustard than who knows what.