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The proper development of the child

Why from birth , unconsciously shared sexual characteristics.Girls play with dolls and baby dishes, boys in cars and in a war with guns.This is a feeding adults.After all, we, when we choose toys for their children, too, are guided by the child's sex.Girls buy dolls posudku, toy sewing machine carriage.And the boys, cars, guns, designers.It turns out that the children of small age define for yourself toys, with our easy hand.The girl who takes to his game or machine gun - a fact causing a storm of emotions.And adults are sure to say, "you're a girl, better take a doll!".The same situation is with the boys.

When a child is sent to the first class , he has a new circle of friends, communication with children takes place on another level.Since the children feel a great responsibility, grow up.There are secrets.For example, when my daughter returned from school and shares a secret with her mother, "Mom likes me at school the boy Victor, he gave me today pulled the braids."

in older age , children become secretive.If a relationship of trust with their parents, they may share some secrets, but all the mysteries still not open.During this period it is very important to trust your child, and confidence in their children can only be through proper education.If you are sure that your son or daughter will not fall into bad company, will not consume alcohol, drugs, smoking, mean raising children you have found the right approach.

Now heated debate on the introduction of sex education in school.Most parents are against such an approach.In their opinion, such issues should be discussed at home.I note that the majority of parents do not want to talk about it.The reasons are many, hesitate, no time for such nonsense, or just buy the encyclopedia, and let the child himself understands.But you can bring a lot of arguments in favor of such school.Firstly, all the explanatory work carried out by experts who will present all the information is correct, competent and able to answer all questions.Secondly, children will learn all of the "first-hand" and not in the street with friends.That is very important.After all, how many now schoolgirls pregnancies, diseases of the genital organs, a simple ignorance of contraception.Everything you need, guys will learn from a professional.

If parents do not want problems with sexual development your child, just need to talk to him about it.Talk about safety measures, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, the effects of sex (pregnancy).And then you can avoid problems with sexual education.

In the Soviet Union there was no sex .And such abutment survived until now, parents can not raise such issues, since they, too, were not talking of such a plan.Let's break the long-standing rules.Shame it's not the feeling that parents should stop.Discussions with children, the best way to prevent the problem of the child, both physical and moral.Whether it's a boy or a girl, they will know all the consequences, and therefore a more responsible approach to this issue.

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