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Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

course, as chairman of the jury of the main European Film Forum - an act of recognition of the 51 -year-old American Timothy William Burton's old Europe.And carrying a ticket to the coveted "Oscar", which Tim not yet."This is the dream of every director.And also a great honor for me, "- politely thanked the director for the trust.Ha!To hear the official speeches from the lips of Mad Tim - still, his comb.Excluded!And so "zazerkalny master" then he added: "A dream come true crazy: to lawfully I otsmatrivat non-stop movies.The best of the best.Last time I could afford this in 16 years, when arranged 48-hour marathon of horror films. "Tim Burton and Johnny Depp - real friends, and this has much to say.

«chanterelle runned»

«movie marathon with dismemberment" - it's flowers.Closed boy from California Burbank (satellite city of Los Angeles) preferred street games ... walk through the cemetery Valhalla.Considered tombstones, sketched them in a notebook case, even dozing on the sun-warmed gravestone.In a

small family vault I lived a flock of bats, and Tim even climbed into the biology textbook and find out what they are fed.He could never understand why people are so afraid of cemeteries?In his view it was the safest place on earth.Where, one wonders, parents looked?And Bill and Jean Burton themselves were a weirdo."Once, when I was a kid, - says the director, - my parents bricked up window in my bedroom, leaving little" loophole "somewhere near the ceiling, look out of that could only climbed on the table.I've been afraid to ask why they had done so, but one still dare.It turns out that to keep heat in the house. "The parents went to the office, shop contained "Cat's Paradise" (do not think that the question of funeral services for cats), and from time to time expostulated eldest son that he was a bad student.In general, Tim carried a river event faded and monotonous.

live without a sense of history and culture - continues Tim.- And I have always had a choice: either to adapt to what is around me, or to create lasting inner peace.I chose the latter. "Second - this pocherkushki in the album and horror stories about the walking dead, that he himself had composed.In 14 years, when Tim was in 9th grade, his paintings won the competition "Clean Burbank."Over the next year on garbage trucks adorned with posters of young talent.Perhaps they liked someone from workers Disney Studios, in Burbank.And from this very studio he was forfeit for training "at the California Institute of the Arts.After his graduation in 1979 he went back to work.Two years later, Tim shot a short film "Frankenweenie", and away we go."Batman" (1989), "Edward Scissorhands" (1990), "Sleepy Hollow" (1999), "Corpse Bride" (2005) ... The record of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp 15 feature-length films, which brought him fameone of the most original filmmakers of our time.If humor is in black.If you choose a hero, tofrika.If you create a spectacle, it destroys all existing traditions."He is an artist, a genius, eccentric, madman, brave, hysterically funny.A true friend.I owe much to him, "- says Johnny Depp, starring in seven films Burton.

Helena forever!

addition "pet Depp" Burton there are still "beloved Helena" (Helena Bonham Carter), who starred in six of his paintings.In addition, she gave birth to a son, Billy Ray (he went to the seventh year) and daughter Nell (s two).Tim and Helen are not spouses, although engaged.They met in October 2001 on the set of the film Burton's "Planet of the Apes."At this point, the star rolled his former muse - the actress Lisa Marie (she starred in five films Burton and lived with the director of 9 years).Up to 4 years Lisa Burton was married to a German artist Lena Giseke.But neither Lena nor Lisa were not suitable to hold a candle to Helena Bonham Carter.First of all, because they were trying to "tame the element."And Helena - the same field berry that Tim, the only difference is that it is - a terrible mess, and he, on the contrary, Taciturn.They even have a family nickname on the subject: Tim - Great Chieftain small Patience and Helena - Little Squaw long tongue.Not so long ago we wrote about the fact that family life is the most unusual couple in Hollywood with something similar to the movie, which starred Burton.Like, the couple not only sleep in separate bedrooms but in separate houses ... connected by a wide corridor.The children live with a nanny in the newly purchased mansion next door.The gloomy gothic home furnishings Tim says Bonham Carter, is consistent with his character.She is "more fun and more comfortable."This, of course, does not mean that Helena never crosses the threshold of the house of her husband.On his part there is a room in which she often sews.And in the house of Helena Burton has office-freak show, which brings together "all evil", made by the hands of the master.Separated, say Tim and Helena, make them family only stronger, because they do not interfere with each other and can do what they want.But more often they want to be together.Here in Cannes gather the whole family.

Chips genius

«My paintings - it is just something that I do not have the reality," - says the director.

Tim Burton always wears purple glasses without diopters.And glasses, hyperopia correction, hang on a special cord around his neck.Directed by extremely meticulous in the details.

image of the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) is very dear to the director.It is no coincidence, he said at the premiere of the film in London, "Hatter - it's me."He also noted a 100% hit in the role of Johnny Depp.Curiously, sketches Mad Hatter, Depp and Burton who painted separately, practically coincided!

On the set of "Planet of the Apes" Tim did a compliment Helena Bonham Carter: "You are the most beautiful monkey."The actress did not hesitate to fall in love with the director ... A couple of years ago, Helena played the mother of four autistic children and while preparing to shoot with surprise found some symptoms of Asperger's (a doctor who has studied autism) her husband.For example, Burton - a sociopath (he is afraid of large crowds), and the subway loses consciousness.Also, it leads into a frenzy clock ticking.More Tim said Helene, what torment he tried to learn as a child riding a bike, swimming and ice skating.And Johnny Depp has admitted in an interview that he had noticed at the other suicidal.

The animated film "Corpse Bride" (2005) - the main character doll Victoria not only speaks the voice of Helena, but outwardly it resembles.

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