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The mental development of children 2 to 3 years

search his place.

to find their place in life, the child uses three methods.First, it is a constant learning, spurred by an insatiable curiosity.Then he refused: say "no" - it is an effective way to get respect yourself.Finally, the simulation.

In the second year of life the child in his own imagination gives objects their own life, giving him power over them.Pan, he turns into a drum or a hat in an old blouse princess.Since then, the child becomes the ruler of the world in which the boundaries set only by his imagination."Making someone" allows the child to learn to imitate.This process begins from about 2.5 years.At this age, it makes sand cakes that my mother must "have" or by twisting the lid on the pan in hand, "drives a car."A child plays his experience playing with dolls and giving them different roles.It plays a situation which survived (but does not remember), as long as they do not possess.So, he scolds bear because he does not want to eat, plucks his clothes and threatened to spank if he

will not listen.Putting yourself in the place of parents, the child masters the situation.

do as adults - is better to understand them.

Games, in which the child plays the role of adults (parents, doctor, seller), let him know adults "from within".A child who has been focused entirely on himself now puts himself in the place of others and can imagine how they feel.Simulation helps him better understand the world around him: loud conversation during the game allows him to develop it;creating an imaginary friend, sometimes sweet, sometimes unbearable, teaches to distinguish the concept of "good" (what parents say) and "evil."

In the third year of life the child becomes aware of their gender and their future role in life which determines its sex.Boys something masters dismantled, they play war.Girls dolls lull, trying on her mother's high heels, playing with my mother's makeup.This period is very stressful for the parents, because it requires special vigilance.The child is not aware of the dangers and risks faced by ourselves, "playing in the adult."But in this period there is a place for discovery.And funny oddities that are fun to everyone.

What toys give a child?

- toy sets of utensils, tools, or old clothes parents that the child can change into a father, mother, or a princess in Zorro ...

- small figurines fairy-tale characters, animals, doll, which can be worn.The child will better understand my mother, if he has his "baby", for which to care.Toy house, farm, garage, doll set, toy medical kit ...

- a large piece of cardboard, so that he could build himself a hut or an old blanket, so he built himself a tepee or tent.

If mom is necessary to cook dinner, you can bring a child to this case.Take it with you to the kitchen and ask for "help" you.Usually, children are happy to agree.And the fact that my mother entrusted him such an important matter, would encourage them more.Give your child the pan, spoon, ladle and let cook, together with you, for your lunch bears or dolls.The same can offer a child, when you are cleaning.Give him a rag to wipe the dust and offer.The child will be delighted by his own importance.Do not forget, then praise him for it, and in the evening to tell the Pope or even the grandmother he helped my mother.And my mother without his help would not have coped.All of these things will develop in the child the skills to teach the discipline, which is important in adult life.

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