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The acceleration of growth and development in children

Thus, the term "acceleration" coined for over seventy years and was first proposed in 1935 by German physician EMKoch.Translated from Latin it means "acceleration" is intended to mean increasing the height, weight and other physical characteristics of children, adolescents, compared with their peers from other generations.Acceleration is happening in Europe, the United States, Russia, Asia, and in the cities it is more pronounced than in the countryside.On the basis of such a wide spread of this phenomenon scientists say about the tendency inherent in the natural development of man in the modern world.

researchers of this phenomenon converge on the view that the acceleration of growth and development in children the integral role played by the growth of a new generation of well-being.In addition, of course, has a positive effect on the acceleration to improve medical service, as well as an increase in the network of preschool and school facilities for children, where the best conditions for the develop

ment and growth of the child, including sports.On the other hand, researchers can not give a definitive explanation, in connection with which the city guys are growing faster than their rural counterparts.

It would seem that the situation should be reversed, ecology countryside is much better and has for acceleration, but the slower pace of life there.Scientists wonder, can the carbon dioxide is a catalyst for the growth of the child's body, because it is filled with air in their cities.But this assumption has no real proof and even refuted by opposing facts.

researchers from around the world are trying to put forward their theories about the acceleration children are often quite different.This problem worries doctors, psychologists, sociologists, teachers, lawyers and companies engaged in the production of clothing and footwear.The latter must often revise the standard size for teenage models.

Acceleration teenagers, that is their rapid development in recent decades recorded in a variety of climatic and geographic and socio-economic areas of the Earth.

energy growth of the child is accompanied by an early sexual and physical maturation.It is manifested weight gain and longitudinal dimensions of the body.To date, the literature published data on the extent of the moral, civil, social maturity children.Obviously, the acceleration of the development of children is a topical issue that is beyond the scope of medicine.Especially serious questions it poses pedagogy, whose work should be aimed at mobilizing the attention of parents, school teachers, university professors, as well as to improve the educational work of children and adolescents, aiming at the harmonious development.

important issue is to ensure the health of the baby, as well as "health" of the nervous system of adolescents, their brain.Forming cultural and hygiene skills children need to means of psychological and physical education.It must be remembered that the social, mental, physical formation of personality are a single process.Perfection, intelligence, maturity itself does not come.In order that the child has mastered them, you must spend a lot of effort, patience, and a hassle to use specialized knowledge to raise a child.

Consideration acceleration children for the past 50 years has allowed to conclude that the rate of physical development will slow down.This trend has already been observed in some cities.

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