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The risks and dependence on the Internet

What is it?

dependence on the Internet - is a modern variation in the mental state of the person.Dependence does not so little - there is a dependence on tobacco, drugs, alcohol, gambling.Now there is, and depending on the network.Why is the Internet so captured people know not many.
One of the reasons - a sense of security.In the web we are able to communicate and receive information anonymously.Nothing should come up with a virtual character and his story, to believe it.It is a real salvation for shy people who in real life are difficult to contact.Secondly, it is an opportunity to realize their own fantasies without effort.If a person wanted to be beautiful and successful, then it costs nothing to describe yourself that way, carry on a conversation as if all my dreams have already come true, and the reality is no different from the virtuality that gives the illusion of happiness.Third, using the Internet has the opportunity to get access to the different information, constantly learning something n
Dependence on the Internet makes sense to speak when the network prevents mental or physical health affects relationships with loved ones, interfere with.


Calculate human dependence on the Internet, it is not so simple.In our time, the Network are almost all - both adults and children.For work or for fun we spend on the Net a lot of time, which varies sometimes ten hours a day.But the time spent in the Internet, is not an indicator of mental health, as it is sometimes a necessity, but the man refuses easily use the network when it is no longer necessary.
first and most important symptom for which you can define a dependent person is a lie.A person can lie about the amount of time he spends online, the purposes of their location on the web, on sites that are visited.Typically, this means that the problem has already equipped.If you suspect that someone close to you has a dependence on the Internet, watch him.Man addict feels depressed emotional state and discomfort when forced to refrain from long access to the network.When he gets to the computer, the contrast in the mood evident at once - one becomes joyful.
When the problem is growing, difficulties begin with real dialogue.Since a virtual reality people spend huge amounts of time, effort and attention, then sooner or later it will cause trouble in the family, at work or study.At such times, people usually start to sound the alarm, but it is necessary to say that the situation is almost out of control.

On examination the doctor can detect chronic dryness of the mucous membrane of the eye, diseases of the joints and ligaments of the hands, headaches, sleep disturbances, digestive problems.And this is only a minimum list of the problems that may arise due to the dependence on the virtual world.


dependence on the Internet, like any other, can not be cured easily.Moreover, it is difficult to cure without the desire of the patient.The best choice would be timely access to a therapist to help solve the problem quickly and efficiently.But this people are thinking only in the event that can not cope on their own, but time is often already lost.

True, some things you can do for yourself or your loved ones on their own.Firstly, the need to limit the time spent on the network.Do not abruptly abandon virtual reality, it is better to allow yourself access to the network for a short time several times a day.
then analyze what sites you visit most often and for what purpose.Those sites that do not carry any practical use for your life, should be removed from the list of bookmarks.
Look interesting around.In addition to online friends please look at the real, maybe they're desperate to get you back to real life.And if you do not have friends, you should try to have them.At such moments, nice to visit a master class or training, aimed at the development of communication skills.This will help to quickly adapt to the reality.
Set a tough target to be achieved in your personal life or at work.Perhaps you have long postponed repairs and important report.Take care of these things, but the problem is not virtual think.

course, to get rid of their own depending on the network can not everyone.It is on the shoulder only to people with a very strong will and character, however, and they are not immune from disruption.Therefore, their own efforts to combine better with the help of relatives and professionals.Over time you will learn how to relate to the virtual world, it can bring you a favor and not a problem.