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Films for the female soul.

But let's think about why we see all this?In order to once again look at the simulated drop elfivovoy tower?Or witness the brutal dismemberment of man?Yes, maybe this is partly so.We get out of the emotions of such films, which is lacking in our lives.But in such films no raisins, no soul.The ideas for which you can review the movies again and again.Agree, the film should teach a person something.As it should be based on something more than just an hour and a half of shooting a machine gun ...

present to you the kind of top 5 feature films that really make you think.Spiritual films that for their lives must see.Films that really leave a trace in the soul, and can not be forgotten in a couple of weeks after the show, as usual.

1) The Green Mile (The Green Mile)
genius film about an unusual man, exciting from the first frame.I promise you that after watching this film you will cover a long shock, for ending the green mile - a masterpiece of tragic cinema.Frankly, I rather worldly-wise and courageous
man on the cheek ran a tear at the end of viewing.This painting, like nothing else, make you think about life and its meaning.Whatever you say, and this is the movie for the soul, And you know it from the very first minutes of viewing.

2) Cruel Intentions (Cruel Intentions)
The film, in fact, extremely real and heartfelt.I think he did not leave anyone indifferent, who looked at him.This movie tells not only a beautiful love story, but also opens up the truth of human life, shows how people like to play ... life ... and then for it themselves and pay.Amazing game actors and delightful music.This movie will make your soul to dance in a fascinating dance of his personal search for meaning in life.

3) Class (The klass)
Honestly, I have never introduced me to the film I am not in such a shock.Never before have so not shaking while watching a movie.More I have never experienced such filth to yourself.Never before has a movie so deeply touched my soul.In fact, it's a movie about school violence, but in fact it covers the whole of our lives.Endless people's desire to assert itself at the expense of another - the eternal problem of mankind, which finds reflection in the dramatic film.Do not be amiss to mention that this well, too low-budget movies.But, in spite of everything, it is really brilliant!Actors starring in it almost free of charge, for the idea.They invested in the creation of this film entirely.I am eternally grateful to them for that.Movies about the bitter truth of life, based on real events.In my opinion, this tape is to show at school.

4) Between Heaven and Earth (Just Like Heaven)
you ever wondered, what will you do if you suddenly declare that your life is cut short by some a couple of days?This film is exactly that.His genius is that he was shot in the genre of comedy, which tells us about the love and the depths of the human soul.Perhaps it is only a comedy from the entire list.Agree, as well, over 95 minutes laughing, learning the spiritual depth of our lives.The film is very motivating, encouraging action and suggests the great, the good and long reflections.For that I love him so much to review from time to time.

5) Pay It Forward (Pay it forward)
spirituality of the film can not be overstated.It is about a boy who, despite his youth, decided to try to change the world.Probably each of us came up with the idea, is not it?But can we change the world?Can we make it at least a little good?The film's director decided to answer this question, put forward his idea, his method of striving for utopia.In our time, the higher spiritual values, to help people simply ceased to be appreciated.And that a film like "Pay It Forward", to become even more necessary.Above all, I want to say a few words about the game of actors in the film: "It's perfect!".That's all.Despite its low budget, the actors put it into his own soul.

Here, perhaps, and all the films that I wanted to tell you.Of course, movies, forcing your soul tremble so much more, but the above are the most brilliant of all this breathtaking diversity.Take your time and be sure to check them.These movies for the soul, which is worried about the search for development.For people who do not stand still.They do not leave you indifferent, I promise you that.

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