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What is the author's cinema?

What grossing films.

grossing films for the most part created for the mass hire.These movies are in high demand and are shown in most of the cinemas.Most often, they are entertaining.Most of the profit-making films is classified as "at once".That is interesting to see such a film, but not more than once.However, there is a very decent picture, such as:
"Titanic" director James Cameron, US production
"Pirates of the Caribbean" director Gore Verbinski, US production
"The Da Vinci Code," directed by Ron Howard, US production
"Ice Age "director Chris Wedge, Carlos Saldanha, US production
" Hancock "director Peter Berg, US production

Why auteur cinema does not get cash.

auteur cinema does not get cash because he had a narrow target audience.Not everyone wants to think, analyze.Many people go to the movies to relax, get a charge good mood and not to leave the room and think for several more days.Agree, the meaning of "art films" would be lost if it became public.
For someone creates auteur cinema.C
movie created for the elite audience.For people who care about the world in which he lives.Copyright cinema show in some theaters.Festivals are organized auteur cinema.At festivals show full-length and short films, prize winners in international competitions.
copyright movies:
"Dante 01", directed by Marc Caro, manufactured in France, Eskwad
"Jam", directed by Michael Marine, the production of Russia.
"Irreversible", directed by Gaspar Noe, France production
"Vicky Cristina Barcelona" directed by Woody Allen, US production / Spain.
"Paper Soldier", directed by Alexei German - ml.

Other copyrights movies that Internet users are advised to watch:

Jos Sterling "The Illusionist"
Tarkovsky "The Sacrifice"
Takeshi Kitano's "Kids Return"
Anthony Hopkins' Man - Elephant "
Roman Polanski's" The Pianist "
Kim KiDuk "Real Fiction"
Tim Burton, "Big Fish"
Paul Newman "Cool Hand Luke"
Bergman "Through the dark glass"
Michael Haneke's "Funny Games"
Francesco Apollo, "Just do it"
Larry Clark "Kids" and "KenPark "
Wim Wenders' Alice in the Cities," "Over time," "Things"

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