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1. involved.
Hollywood couples like to show that they are just made for each other.If they carried away the protection of animals, by all means together.Someone walking along at a seance, someone makes a rare species of animals, someone to help children, and someone makes the same tattoo.Try to find something in common, it would be interesting, and you and your man - so you will be one step closer to the stars.

2. Be responsible.

next important step - common concerns.They may have been there, but the joint discussion of plans for the next evening - not quite what we need.Famous couples like to start a pet - one for two.Perhaps because they rehearse the role of parents, and maybe they like to have something in common.Anyway, this is a good chance to test a partner, and they have already managed to take advantage of Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst and many others.

3. Be practical.
If you still are not in a romantic relationship, but are actively looking for, maybe you want to take a cue from the many
well-known personalities.They have affairs not only at the behest of the heart, but with cold calculation, foreseeing a possible benefit.It's not necessarily money, but also to meet new people, communication, the ability to advance in their careers and earn millions of missing their work.This has a sensible grain, anyway, from such relations will be of much use.

4. Forget about propriety.
Celebrity love to shock the audience - it is their bread, because the higher the interest in them, the greater their fees.Many stars have decided to become completely independent of public opinion and became pregnant before the wedding.And you can take a cue from Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow, but once they have a child, when there have been successful, even in the event of help from the father, they could not do without support.But are you ready for such changes?

5. flaunt it.
If you are going on a journey to the registrar on a picnic - do not hide it, and immediately inform all the world about your plans.Anyway, your favorite stars to do so.They announced their engagement a year before it takes place, a wedding a couple of years and it does not matter if the plans change, above all, not to lose the interest of the public.In your case, the role performed by the fans and close friends, keep them informed of your dizzying novel, let them be, something to talk about while you're away.

6. shocking.

simple novel that despite all your efforts to make it stellar, leading to the wedding, boring.These stars are definitely would try to throw something such that their relationship was not banal.In the course are completely different ways: you can take away the groom with a friend, and you can change guys, you can go to her by her betrothed, but you can just throw a huge scandal with a demonstrative return the ring.It is unlikely that after these events, someone will arrive to take you an interview, but many of your loved ones will you discuss for a long time.

7. Predict the future.

No, do not look for a capacity for divination, it is too unreliable to do.But humanity has long been invented marriage contracts that will help you to predict a loved one, what will happen to him and his property if he suddenly decide to divorce you, modify or pat the wrong way.To take into account all the nuances of possible conflicts, even if everything that could lose future husband after the breach of the rules, it's just your presence, not millions.

If you follow these simple stellar habits, you quickly feel yourself in their shoes: attention, gossip, intrigues behind scandals and the work to the public.It also is a regular feature of the life of a famous person, and not just those beautiful moments that you see on TV.In the end - all, you can expect most touching farewell worthy adaptation of the Hollywood Hills.Only here there is comfort you?

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