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The best movies about love

1st place. Bitter Moon (Bitter Moon, 1992), directed by Roman Polanski.During the cruise Fiona and Nigel chinnaya English couple newlyweds (Kristin Scott Thomas and Hugh Grant) meets an eccentric couple, - Oscar and Mimi (Emmanuelle Seigner and Peter Coyote).Oscar, aged playboy in a wheelchair, Nigel tells the story of his first meeting with Mimi - luxurious woman in the prime of life.What began as a passionate love story turned into a story of jealousy and hatred, and over, and that's sad.
Somehow sneaks to shiver.A lot of this contributes to the magical appearance Seigner - actress, starring in Polanski and "The Ninth Gate".Striking itself this explosive story, full of emotion monstrous force, thus, as a mockery, told seemingly impassive hero - crippled and impotent.Striking conclusions that are made from it, and terrifying finale.The picture may not be called either an absolute masterpiece or a classic erotic movie, but seeing it once, remembered for a lifetime.

2nd place. Titanic (Titanic, 1996
), directed by James Cameron."Titanic" one of the most notorious aircraft, sent to its first and last voyage to the shores of America.Already on board is familiar Rose (Kate Winslet) - a girl from a poor but noble family, and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) - a beggar artist.Rose is going to jump overboard to escape the marriage with the unloved man, Jack saves her at the last moment.
No matter how many accused this movie in pops, tearfulness, theatricality, it looked to be reviewed and revised for many years.Perhaps the fact that Cameron came up to the process of filming, not only with his usual meticulous and scope, but with real passion and love.A poluskazochnaya history of relations between Jack and Rose as well as possible superimposed on a documentary about the story of the tragedy of "Titanic", and therefore sinks into the soul.

3rd place. Gone with the Wind (Gone With the Wind, 1939), directed by Victor Fleming.History perky girl named Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh), whose character was formed under the influence of the war between North and South, as well as the third one husband - Rat Butler (Clark Gable).The film is recognized as one of the ten cinematic masterpieces of all time, the heroine's name became a household word.
known, would remember the name of Margaret Mitchell - author of the novel of the same name - if not for this film.(Unprecedented at the time the budget scale colorful photography and, of course, the game Vivien Leigh, who at first did not want to invite to this role as an actress was not American).

4th place. Stretched string (Hwal, 2005), directed by Kim Ki-duk.On the boat, floating on the waves of lonely lives nameless old man and his young pupil that he is preparing himself for a wife.Before the wedding a few days left.But among the fishermen, sometimes approaching to hang this strange couple, she is the one who wins the heart of a girl.She does not want to obey her elderly bridegroom.
Infinitely symbolic and beautiful film, and a very complicated love triangle, studying who do not know who has more empathy: an old man distraught with jealousy and grief, girl, birth trapped on a boat, or a young person who does not understand whatintervened.

5th place. Wait for Me (1943), directed by Alexander Stolper, Boris Ivanov.Lisa (Valentin Serov) waiting for her husband (Boris Blinov), who had gone to war, but instead received a note asking to wait and oral histories of her husband's friend, a military photojournalist.He was confident that Lisa's husband was killed in an unequal battle with the Nazis.Lisa heartbroken, but in spite of everything believes that its Kolya returns home and continues to wait for him.
This Soviet film grew generations of viewers.In spite of the time in which to take pictures, there is almost no propaganda or ideological motive.It's just a film about the great love, which really helps to survive.The episode in which Lisa and Nicholas still there, can move, perhaps even the modern viewer.

6th place. Ordinary Miracle (1978), directed by Mark Zakharov.The tale is a parable Eugene Schwartz, whose text is supplemented by the magnificent musical numbers.On a visit to the storyteller (Oleg Yankovsky) come by its own, but a little out-of-control characters.As planned by the storyteller, Princess (Yevgeny Simonov) should kiss Bear (Alexander Abdulov), after which it will become a beast completely.But from the very beginning is not quite the way it was intended.
Due to national television, there is no need to buy a DVD of this film - and so his show several times a year in different programs.Once we are so accustomed to it that it is not fully aware of how good the actors who play in it, how clever and witty lyrics Schwartz, how sweet and touching, this fantastic love and how difficult it was even a lift to the USSR in the mostthe height of the Brezhnev era.

7th place. Love in the Time of Cholera (Love in the Time of Cholera, 2007), directed by Mike Newell.Based on the novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.Poor a young telegraph operator Florentino Ariza (when old enough to be Javier Bardem) falls in love at first sight in the only daughter of a rich merchant mules Fermin (Giovanna Mezzogiorno).She pays him in return, and vows to marry him, but her father separates lovers, wanting to find her daughter a better pair.Florentino waits for the return of the narrowed 51 years, nine months and four days.
As angrily says one of the characters, dark lady of forty - love, and in our age that is ridiculous, and only in that old - simply indecent.This claim is refuted extensively throughout the film: Resistant Florentino matures, dryahleya and even managing to gain experience with other women, does not cease to cherish the hope for happiness with the sole lady of his heart.

8th place. Breaking the Waves (Breaking the Waves, 1996), directed by Lars von Trier.Beth, a girl from a religious Scottish community (Emily Watson) marries neftebytchika, great, funny guy (Stellan Skarsgard).However, the accident at the tower attracts him to the bed.The nature of his spoils, he is driving his wife away, then forces her to make love with others and talk about their feelings.Bess in horror.However, having decided that adultery invigorates her husband, and perhaps help him quickly to his feet in disgust begins to walk left and right.
have known bespredelschik von Trier is always there, than to finish off the viewer.Usually it is some special sacrifice, like Sonia Marmeladova, female figure, also surrounded by some very dreadful and cruel world.The reality of such stories can not believe it, and even laugh at them, but the effect they produce memorable.

9th place. Love Actually (Love Actually, 2003), directed by Richard Curtis.Several of life and love stories, many of which in the end will be somehow related to each other.Prime Minister falls in love with his assistant, his sister tries to mend relations with her own husband, the husband ever look at a young.In parallel, a widower trying to help on the love front own young son, fell in love with a classmate, and gloomy writer, running away from his heart the tragedy suddenly finds a new love, which can not even explain - she was a foreigner.The composition of the actors inspire awe: Laura Linney, Liam Neeson, Rowan Atkinson, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Bill Nighy, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson.
Moderately funny, moderately romantic, but very pleasant comedy, was in the rating, mainly due to the number and variety of love stories.Love children, love, happy and unhappy love, tragic and hopeless love for a woman, a man, a friend, a love that rules the world, or to nothing obliges.Any, in general, love.

10th place. Bodyguard (The Bodyguard, 1992), directed by Mick Jackson.A former bodyguard of the president of the United States Farmer (Kevin Costner) is hired to protect the well-known pop singer Rachel Merron (Whitney Houston).The singer - a woman with character, a bodyguard - the same guy does not miss.Love is inevitable.Like
and you know by heart, and you realize that the plot easier to nowhere, and look again and again.Because it is beautiful and soperezhivatelno, to be sure.Well, the song performed by Whitney Houston listen with the same pleasure.