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Review of the film "Sex and the City"

From Sourcebook Candy Bushnell left nothing at all - a column in the magazine and stilettos by Manolo Blanic.The plot is the film version of the popular series effortless: the same suffering, talking about the "forbidden", the same troubles that dogged the audience all 6 seasons.Traditionally, the film begins with the preparation of the wedding (a fashionable topic of the season), the main character Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker).

Carrie - a talented journalist, leads a column in the New York Post, constantly in search of the apartment and shooting her boyfriend.But then she podvorachivaetsja old lover and friend of Mr. Big, offering his hand and heart.Carrie immediately shares the good news with close friends.At the same time, Charlotte was pregnant, Miranda's husband has changed, but Samantha mess as always.In addition, Mr. Big said hassle for her friends Carrie, with one's tail between the legs before the wedding.With all the girlfriends will have to handle (not the first), and all we are

waiting for a certain happy ending.And it's worth noting - each of her friends understand happiness in their own way.

tape was too prolonged - 2 hours and 20 minutes of timing - it's too much for a melodrama about New York women.Events and thoughts of characters reminiscent of the big city global problems to be solved by a simple shopping.

In the film too much glamor - the collection of clothes, parties, photo shoot in the magazine «Vogue».In the series, the protagonists of humor discussing intimate and candid case, immediately a few tense conversations heroes and heroines smile a little tired.Although, for the loyal fans and fans'll be a novelty and watching nothing but the pleasure will not cause.Speaking frankly, the show was much more interesting and Picante, rife with sharp jokes.Movies about hapless girlfriends resembles a distant echo of success.

noteworthy that the shooting of the film for a long time the brakes as Kim Cattrall demanded a fee equal to the fee Sarah Jessica Parker, the main actress of the series.

«Sex and the City" is worth watching for those who once saw a TV series of the same name.Matured Parker Ketrol, Davis and Nixon in particular will appeal to girls, who were waiting for the film for many years.