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Extremely dangerous!

main role in the film went to the young Scottish actor James McAvoy, famous for his roles in such films as "Atonement," "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "Jane Austen" - the choice of a non-standard, but, oddly enough, is quite convincing."For us it was important to find an actor understandable to the public," - explains one of the producers of the picture Marc Platt.McEvoy was able to convey the evolution of his character - a simple bank clerk and loser slyuntyaya that, nevertheless, has become a superhero - a killer new generation of villains exterminated at the behest of Destiny.

"Wanted!" - Russian style in Hollywood young actors supporting such stars as Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman;a small but important role of the chief doctor in the Brotherhood went to Konstantin Habensky as always who managed to blend in with what is happening on the screen.The soundtrack for the film written by Denny Elfmanom - wrote the music for such box office hits as "Spider-Man," "The Simpsons Movie," "Hulk," "Sleepy Hollow," "Psycho" and many other world-ren

owned films.
"Wanted!" - Russian style in Hollywood
I must admit that the proximity of the words "Russian" and "blockbuster" is alarming and even some unpleasant surprises.What is the "Russian blockbuster" domestic audience to understand more failed, and the opportunity to understand how something really is not.From those pictures whose names are not too ashamed to say out loud, I remember only the "Apocalypse Code", but here there is a sense of unease.But relax: it's not so scary."Wanted", although removed Russian director, contains the complete set of attributes of a true Hollywood film: a film full of brain twisting special effects, dynamic and exciting with everything that the modern Russian cinema sometimes do not have enough (especially the most important, without which Hollywood movies hadnot seen - a solid budget).

"Wanted!" - Russian style in Hollywood Moreover, the creators have tried to bring into the picture the innovative notes, allegedly using hitherto unseen visual effects: heroes protaranivayut persons glass admire awesome weapons, bullets pierce the foreheads of themselves back into the trunk."For me, the emotion is important, not the effect, - says Timur Bekmambetov - I have a hundred ideas just at the same time, all different, all fought each other.I'm creating a new style, so what no one has seen. "However, what is in this new style, we find out and failed: by and large, no innovation and courage in all that happens on the screen, not - rather, there is not really justified pretensions.If you attempt to move away from the canonical set of special effects and was made on the parasitism on hackneyed receptions and finds she is gone.

"Wanted!" - Russian style in Hollywood a background music of the film, written by the maestro Danny Elfmanom, sometimes unspeakably good, and at times becomes annoying.The philosophy of the picture suffers loud irreparable fiasco.Knights fraternities, secret societies and other communities, who rule or who wish to rule the world, has long been no surprise.List of ribbons, develops this topic is quite large: from Stanley Kubrick with "Eyes Wide Shut" to Ron Howard with "The Da Vinci Code."In the movie "Wanted" to decide who should live and who should not be trying to take over the Brotherhood Weavers - the ancient guild of ministers of Destiny: the headquarters of the Brotherhood is a huge loom, with which the servants decode binary code.When someone drops a room, a member of the Brotherhood to kill this man, thus as if placing the position of "cleaning".

main character Wesley, who teach all the tricks of the Brotherhood of the killer, have such injustice does not like, he will begin to fight, and, of course, win.Alas, the film's plot complication does not offer us anything new, on the contrary: everything that happens on the screen, audiences have seen so many times that they could have long to memorize each turn.No innovations here, and if not for the dynamism and vigor with which to remove the picture, with a clear conscience, we would advise you to get away from the middle of the session.
little fixes things mischievous humor.Angelina Jolie at the wheel of "penny" looks, of course, fun and even bizarre, like a complete joke causticity."I like that this film as it does not take itself seriously.He does not pretend to be tough, "- says the actress."Heroes are turning to laughter, being surrounded by cruelty - and the audience take it for granted," - says Bekmambetov.It is difficult to argue: to treat these movies seriously would be a huge folly.

"Wanted!" - Russian style in Hollywood there in the picture, and barely noticeable plaque "Russian-ness": Russian director's school, Russian cinema.Explain what it appears, it is quite difficult.Something elusive Russian there and acting game, and in the construction of the frame, but it is as if hidden between the lines.This plaque can be felt, but you can not;in the latter case, look in the "especially dangerous" at least some Unlike other similar action games, you are unlikely to succeed.

Hollywood filmmaking machine annually produces hundreds of boevichkov's uncomplicated, with a simple plot, a good computer graphics, chases and gunfights.Do not expect to see in a "particularly dangerous" something more: these pictures look more to turn off your head, rather than activate the mental processes.If the director of this film was our compatriot, we probably would not have found it anything remarkable.Although a beautiful picture, nice protagonist and Angelina Jolie look is always nice.

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