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Review of the film "Thirteen months"

well-known showman and TV presenter Ilya November, moving away from the affairs of television, debuted on the scenario and the director's career.The result - in the title.

forty Successful businessman Gleb Ryazanov (Gosha Kutsenko), as it was supposed to think like a man of his age from classical literature, entangled in worldly conflicts understandable, think about the meaning of life - not at all, but his own.Thinks - and comes to a disappointing conclusion, the main of which - it (life) and its full absurdity (Hleb) full not only unnecessary, but even pomehoobraznost.And decides Gleb influenced his bosom friend Stein (Eugene Grishkovets) and brought the book ("The Living Corpse" by Leo Tolstoy our Nikolayevich light) dramatically this absurd life is not something to even change, but in general a new start.Yes, that's just bad luck and then happened ...

«13 months" might adequately fit in the modern television landscape in the former USSR, or quietly get out on DVD, but on the silver screen still l

ooks a certain archaism, although the better differingby opus la Mashchenko.The operator explicitly directed replays showing the place and out of place your skills, the actors playing vaudeville provincial level, and the action is placed in a watered-down and contrived little world beyond time and space.There are bright spots and film - Gosha Kutsenko, a puller for all his charisma so Alexander Lazarev, gleaming (with the effortless) mastery of the old school, and even then, however, several key buffoonery.See this movie is seems the two categories of viewers (which, however, can be quite extensive) - series fans in the spirit of "The Circus Princess" and admirers already mentioned above Charisma actor Kutsenko.

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