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Review of the film Kung Fu Panda

Review of the film Kung Fu Panda I am now pretty sure that Fedor Khitruk drew his Winnie is a panda.This sad view is impossible to forget, all the habits of well-fed bears cause wild fits of laughter.As the bear escaped from the earthquake in Sichuan?He just relaxed and lazy.It is a Taoist.

hero of the new animated film "Kung Fu Panda", a big bear Po - Taoist in its purest form.He does not like to strain hinder the natural flow of life, and all the pleasures of the world prefers a bowl of rice dumplings.Bears have a dream.He wants to learn kung fu to perfection, but how to cope with laziness?

Review of the film Kung Fu Panda By learns about the local monastery began in the tournament, the winner - will receive the title of Dragon Warrior.Only the best of the best will be able to defend the inhabitants of the valley, and will receive a scroll with the sacred knowledge.The main contenders for victory - five students master Shifu: Tigress, Monkey, Crane, Viper and Mantis.Each of the warriors has its own unique style of kung fu.But who will be the first?

Abbot Ugvey feels the approach of the great troubles, and her name was - a cruel killer Tai Lung.Once he was the best of the novices, but then betrayed his master.Now Tai Lung is languishing in a mountain prison, but Ugvey sure - the villain will soon break free, but it can not stop the force or agility, and peace of mind.And so it has the great gift of panda.Only he's not about suspects.He has yet to go the way of the warrior and devour mountain ravioli.

idea to make a cartoon kung fu appeared in 1992.One of the leaders saw the movie studio Dreamworks with panda and fell in love with this beautiful animal.It remained to write a decent script, the director and find the call to the voice acting celebrities.On the charges it took almost sixteen years, but the result justifies all expectations.

Review of the film Kung Fu Panda ¬ęKung Fu Panda" - cartoon with philosophical meaning.He is magical Chinese biscuits, within which lurks a note with the prediction.The finish does not occur immediately.First you laugh, giggle, grabs her hips and hohochesh, but then, suddenly, you feel an unusual bright sadness.

could do completely without the story and leave a panda.In no matter what did: eating, telling stories, flying on a rocket or fighting - the result is always the same.This bear could laugh statue terracotta army of Emperor, it is not something that the average viewer.

and any scabrous jokes."Kung Fu Panda" - very poetic, transparent and easy movie.How wet watercolor on rice paper.Dance peach petals, sparkling jade star, on the slopes of the mountains spreading silk mist.And among this splendor - klutz and a glutton Poe.Cute, funny, a favorite.Kung Fu studio Dreamworks was the most present and strong.The answer Pixar?