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Review of the film "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor"

Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - a reference to the famous tomb of the first emperor of the Qin dynasty near Lishan Mountain, near which have been found 8099 terracotta statues of Chinese warriors.It dates from the year 210 BC.e., opened in 1974.

Movie review digression.
I go to the first ten-session.In the lobby of the cinema - a kindergarten and primary school children.All held at Bo-Olsha glass (or a bucket?) Popcorn, liter bottles of cola, all in the eyes - the hope and anticipation, all loudly interrupt each other.Total: adult in the room, and I controller.
By the way, the movie seems to be "children under 14"?

for a considerable number of years insidious remains of Imhotep not allowed to live peacefully pair O'Connell (born Weisz and Fraser).Dear young people dealt with the famously infamous Egyptian carrion along the way creating a family and letting quite decent jokes are not about ass.Army fans widened and grew.Movies, 1999 - "The Mummy" and 2001 - "The Mummy Returns" became not just a specific gen

re classics (horror-action-adventure-love story), they brought in the beak to its creators more than 800 (!!!) million dollars of fees.Everyone was waiting for continuation of the banquet, and hoped for the best.

As is.
Strictly speaking, the hopes did not come true.
You understand that animate (and then kill) for the third time Imhotep is simply indecent.Apparently, these considerations directed the previous two parts Stephen Sommers abandoned in favor of a third Rob Cohen ("Fast and the Furious," "xXx")."How long will skillfully?"- Said the famous Hollywood specialist racing and rolling and after a year and a half after the beginning of work (and less than a year after filming began) gave us a third "Mummy".

Action decided to move to Asia (in space) and fifteen years (Time).For fans of the creators have prepared a few surprises: Jet Li as the main bad guy dead, draw friendly yeti, terracotta (this is not a color, it's a way to firing clay) soldiers and a new actress in the role of Evelyn.Also, apparently, it was assumed that all should powerfully surprise son O'Connell - matured and freely speaks some Chinese dialect curly blonde Alex.

A mediocre turned worse and the first "Mummy" and the second.The narrative is flat, the plot lacks dynamics, effects crushed everything, characters undisclosed battle failed.We, the audience, Epik spoiled in recent years, it is no longer a novelty paced clay soldiers, hairy monster leaping and rushing the horses!It's all there!If we do not have food for the brain, so let circuses!And Rob Cohen spectacle ends in the first half, with a margin of Chinese fireworks.

But one thing the director wants to say "thank you": the film is not flying the Chinese!Yes, fluttering floors, yes, swords, daggers, wild cheering and tricks of various martial arts.But there is no violation of the laws of physics to move the human body through the air!In fact, it's - well, because bored.

best moment in the film: Evie O'Connell, directly and honestly looking into the eyes of the audience, said: "Now I'm a completely different person."Really.Where are you, gentle and lovely Rachel Weisz, whom you left the third "Mummy"?How will

creators say they continue, that is to say the fourth "Mummy", will not be.Blatantly lie.Will definitely will.For as long as there is the last penny, which may include a third-grader at the cinema box office, the mummy will continue to come to life.

What heart to calm down.
As you eight to sixteen?And you're still here?Quickly to the cinema!There's matinee for children discounts!

Natalia Rudenko