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The pamper themselves millionaires?

1. History of gold with diamonds

gold thread used in plastic surgery, and diamonds in your dog's collar - all this is minor compared with the releaseJournal of diamonds and gold.He was sired by the collaboration between the two companies - publishers ITP Lifestyle and jewelry house Damas.Within 86 hours of the wizard conjured over 91 grams of gold and 622 diamonds to create a women's magazine called Kohl.As we see, the gloss is not perfect, someone read it was not interesting, but the reading of publications in the cover delivers brilliant, probably unforgettable pleasure.

2. Ticket for a nonexistent ship

If a millionaire like collecting rare items, it is completely not stinted on the purchase of a ticket on a non-existent now ship.So, exactly 66 thousand dollars American collector bought a ticket for the "Titanic", which has been preserved from the old, 99-year-old Lillian Gertrud Asplund, after surviving a terrible accident on the ship.A little girl, five years old, she got o

n board the "Titanic" with his family - four brothers and parents.The three brothers and father were unable to escape from the sinking of the ship hitting an iceberg.However, no matter how sad was the story, the fact remains that a ticket to the sold vehicle is already non-existent, and for dozens of thousands of dollars.

3. Brilliant size of an egg

at major auctions Christie's for 6.2 million dollars was sold to a colorless diamond the size of a quail egg.Diamond weighed 101.27 carats, and produced it from diamond weighing 460 carats, found in southern Africa.Over the history of this auction is the third auction, which involved the stone weighing more than 100 carats.Of course, there was one millionaire who wanted to buy the lot, but he asked for his name not to give publicity.

4. The most expensive perfume in the world

200 thousand dollars for a bottle of perfume?It is easy, especially when it comes to perfume number 1 Imperial Majesty.Guinness World Records could not miss this event and made a record of it on their pages as "the most expensive fragrance in the world."The peculiarity of this perfume is that, firstly, they are composed of rare ingredients, and secondly, a bottle decorated with the white diamond, and, thirdly, the circulation perfume - 10 units.Creator of this fragrance is a designer Clive Christian (Clive Christian), the name of which is produced only 1,000 bottles of the same number of female and male fragrance bottles.If you do not yet afford the spirits for 200 thousand dollars, you can purchase a more democratic version of the perfume for 2350 dollars, a bottle of which is made without the diamond.

5. sandals legs Diamond

What is the difference from the simple sandals and shoe store in Tokyo masterpiece by designer Stuart Weitzman and Oscar Hyman?Exactly 690 rubies.And this is the charm of $ 1.5 million.According to the designers, to create a fashionable pair of shoes inspired red girl Dorothy of Oz, she is Ellie from a fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz."Perhaps not every Dorothy and Dorothy could afford such a new thing: the price hoo, and as much as 12 centimeters heel!

What else left millions of rich people?Wedding dress in diamonds for 12 million dollars from Renee Strausse, Honma golf club of gold and platinum for 52,938 dollars, a bag of pink crocodile leather by Fendi 25 700 dollars, a private island for $ 23 million and more.

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