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Review of the film "The X-Files: I Want To Believe"

universe Mulder and Scully.

That's true!They came back to us again - ten years after the first film and six - after the end of the series.It is - still high and dimpled, she - with intelligent eyes and jerky movements.It is a little older, she became a bit glamorous.They are, as before, looking for the truth (which is somewhere close), but the truth usually escapes.Mulder and Scully - Fox and Dana - how did we miss yours!

Movie review you remember (after all, you are, of course, remember) how it all began?Nine seasons of the show changed over the display of the cult failed to openly: Mulder carried out either in the other world, or to the aliens, Scully finally bogged down in arcane arguments, Syndicate remained unsolved and unpunished, the world's government-conspiracy all inoplanetyansky not disclosed ... The first film was frankly not very - well, at least, much less that series.

second feature-length film about the adventures and reflections of two FBI agents came to us for a long time, and it is diffi

cult stumbling through the numerous inconsistencies, disagreements and legal showdown.Directed by long-suffering "Secret Files 2: I Want to Believe", as in the first full meter, was Chris Carter, and he also led the team - the majority one way or another participated in the work on a TV series, or like-minded projects (for example,It was a "Millennium" ...).

second "materials" were truly secret.Not a single ray of light does not get through to the thirsty from the set, there was even a small puncture in the installation, never got to spill the beans ... The actors got their "party" (the reduced form of script pages a day) in the days when theyThey were removed, and each copy was stamped the name of the actor as a watermark.At the end of each shooting day "party" were collected and destroyed.The list of actors caused the shooting, and shooting schedule the names of people and their characters were fictional.The contracts of actors count "non-disclosure" was the first.

And millions of fans around the world languished in the dark until the day "X".And wait - here it is, go see.What do you feel now, when they saw?

film is ambivalent.Perhaps even an army of fans divided strictly in half, and the film will be equivalent to both praise and spit ...

So the obvious advantages of tape: first, thinking about the nature of faith, the faith is necessary.Do you want to live - trust.The god, the devil, in the aliens in the toaster, in love - Believe.The slogan of faith - a reference to know in the first season to the pilot ("I want to believe that my sister is still alive") and for observation - to Mulder's office, where an old poster hanging "I want to believe" in the background of a flying saucer.And especially dedicated to: the question of faith has always been a cornerstone for Mulder.This is their "separation", remember: Mulder - faith, Dana - knowledge.

Some would say that is a minus, but I would venture to include this point to the pluses.Enticing mystic first seasons grew, it evolved.Instead of tickling the nerves adventure mystery appeared heavy, exhausting the irrationality of reality.Scary is not it, that among us - little green men.It is terrible that we - the little green men.

The most important and the most unpleasant drawback: interpersonal magic disappeared.That invisible erotic touches and looks, breathing in the same plane and understanding perfectly melted into the ... (spoiler!).Perhaps it is - a tribute time.Perhaps finding a director.But somehow, sadly, that's Mulder and Scully - all ...

all, everyone who watched the show - go to the movies.For those who have not watched the show - go, you will not regret.Young, old, wise, foolish, fans to chew popcorn and aesthetes squeamish - a must see for everyone.I want to believe that you will enjoy the movie.

Natalia Rudenko

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