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Stylish, fashionable, glamorous

It should be, above all, self-confident, well-groomed and feminine.

woman after viewing magazines, understands that:
1. Diva luxuriously glamorous looks in an evening dress.And you, too, to go out you need a little black dress, for a start.The dress chosen should be, on the figure, the length just above the knee, so it will show your legs in a favorable light.Besides dresses from Chanel go out of fashion ever.

2. On the shoulders of a fur boa, may be replaced by a shawl, cardigan or poncho.Glamour does not tolerate harsh lines jackets.But along with stylish and free cape and jeans 'glamorous' look, to the best of their scrapes.

3. bare shoulders, for example, top with the "American armhole," ie loop through the neck open back and shoulders and looks and sexy for a friendly party, just.Evening option - lace inserts, bustier neckline.

4. glamorous divas need to follow the fashion trends, without this it can not do.If what came up, fashion design surveys do not coincide with your vision of fashion, cr

eative approach to the problem, become a trendsetter.

This applies to dresses, everything is quite simple, but this simplicity should be fine.Colors should be brown, black, dark terracotta colors melted milk or butter, gray.Optimal length at the knee or above the knee on the palm.Everything else is already a call or excesses that emphasize sexy outfit.

5. Accessories and bags should be branded and of good quality.At least one handbag designer logo prominently displayed helps you qualify for glamor.

6. studs is inevitable in a glamorous image.Shoes, sandals, boots should be elevated.Practice beforehand to walk in them, otherwise the flower will wither glamorous, so not having time to blossom.

7. Carefully laid a haircut or locks: each strand full of meaning.Hair framing your face, do not mention that they need to be shining purity.

8. Mandatory makeup.But it should not be in excess applied to the face, powder the nose, emphasize the eyes.Sign of glamor, it's your shiny lips.Just a manicure - it's a good attitude to your nails and "glamorous manicure" - a makeover for your fingers.Hue and color with the color of nail polish should match the lipstick.And on the feet should match the color of your mood.

9. Should be decoration.Antique ring with a stone, silver bracelets, string of pearls, earrings, necklace - all ringing, sparkling, memory, eye-catching.Also shine on the fabric can be "metallic", crystals, beads, satin surface, silver or gold thread, and so on.

10. For country walks headdress.Decorate in accordance with the style of the ensemble it.You can not learn to be a glamorous.But those would like to be.But there is a way, you can create your own works of glamor.To gasped girlfriend and wanted the same.

Glamour girls always want to be in the mind, like when they admire.It is like all the girls, but how to achieve this, not everyone knows.It's funny to watch when the women who claim to be glamorous, fasten jeans with logos such as D & amp; G, who bought at the market and earrings with Chanel logo, which have acquired in the transition to the tray.

general all the fuss is with the glamor as long as you will not become self-sufficient and to determine its own style.And it is better instead of this phony "glamor" to hear a compliment that this woman, just lovely.

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