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Myths about the usefulness of caesarean section

Often it happens that during pregnancy, or more often already during childbirth doctors decide that the only way for a woman to give birth to a healthy baby - a caesarean section.In this case, the expectant mother is no other way, because at stake is the life of the baby and her own life.And because of their shallow knowledge of science of obstetrics, many of these women complain if those doctors, simplify your work, or because of the commercialism designate this operation.There are medical indications for cesarean section absolute and relative.

to absolute indications include:

- Cross-fetal position.

- Low attachment of the placenta.

- Severe form of late gestosis.

- acute period of genital herpes.

- Premature detachment of the placenta.

- Clinically narrow basin.

Relative indications:

- weak labor.

- Multiple pregnancy.

- breech.

- The second birth after cesarean.

- Hypertension

- Some kidney and heart

- Severe myopia.

However, there is a category of other women, including caes

arean thriving practice "at will."Healthy women who can give birth naturally, choose to advance an operation, because of the fear of pain during labor.

notion of "travail" is nothing more than a "horror story".Yes childbirth - is labor pain are present, of course, but every woman they are different (quite uncommon when the pain is very low).But what about labor pain you forget very soon, and will remain in the memory of the joy and sense of pride that thanks to you, your efforts and courage to light a small man - your own precious baby.

popularize caesarean contributes common among pregnant women myths about his supposed security.Let's see how they correspond to reality.

Caesarean is safer for the baby than natural childbirth

in normal pregnancy, lack of fetal development problems and provided competent management of labor, the baby has every chance to be born healthy.During the operation, Caesar blood circulation due to overload a remote similarity in the transition from the liquid medium in the air.In addition, these kids are not immune to birth trauma.After the baby is taken from the uterus through a small incision, and sometimes doctors have to just "squeeze out" the baby.

In natural childbirth when the baby passes through the birth canal from his lungs almost "squeezed" the amniotic fluid, which helps restore breathing child immediately after birth.Kesarenok in any case, will have a light moist or even excess liquid therein.If the baby is healthy, a 7-10 day life of its own body is completely restored.If not, then there may be problems with breathing.

Natural childbirth - it is first necessary for the child's experience of successful coping.Labor and delivery is similar to severe desperate situation, because the families and comfortable for a hostile environment becomes suddenly begins to push it.To survive, the child needs to seek a way to fight.At this point, the kid wakes up courage and determination.Observations psychologists show that kids-kesaryata deprived of this invaluable experience different or indecisive character, or, conversely, too reckless disposition.

Caesarean - it is an easy and comfortable way to bear

State women who have abdominal operation under general anesthesia, only a stretch be called comfortable.When cesarean fetus and placenta are removed through an incision in the anterior abdominal wall and uterus.And as a small section of the procedure, this is quite traumatic.The wound was sutured uterine continuous suture, and then restore the subcutaneous tissue, and then the skin.During and after the surgery requires anesthesia, postoperative necessarily apply antibiotics.Among the inconveniences is the need to urinate even called a catheter, in some cases, dizziness, and nausea, as a reaction to the anesthesia.

consequences of caesarean section to the mother - a seam, first very painful, and never completely disappearing, plus a scar on the uterus.We should not forget about the risk is always present in any surgical intervention into the body.

epidural anesthesia Caesarean - it's almost natural childbirth

With this method of anesthesia mother can immediately see their baby, to hear his first cry, but her participation in childbirth will be as completely passive, as well as under general anesthesia.When epidural anesthesia in the area of ​​the lumbar inserts a needle or catheter with the drug, and the anesthesiologist continually dispenses it, monitor the status of women.In this case, a woman in labor sees, hears, but does not feel anything in the pelvis and legs.If you allow the woman's condition, she allowed the baby to attach to the breast immediately after birth.This anesthesia takes effect only after 20 minutes, so it is not possible during an emergency cesarean section.

Such analgesia should be conducted by specialists of high class.Incorrect movement during insertion of the needle with anesthetic into the spinal cord, is fraught with a woman back pain, many months of migraine and other neurological problems.It also happens that anesthesia acts badly, and mothers may remain sensitive in one half of the body during surgery.

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