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Physical activity during pregnancy

Many complain that they are difficult to carry out the most basic chores and hike to the grocery store is exhausting, as the time to overtime.The recommendations of doctors are simple, but rush to implement them, when you have bad - late.By the physical stress during pregnancy need to prepare almost from birth.Because only a trained body can easily cope with a sudden increase in load.

At this important time wants to be not only healthy, but also beautiful.Save your forms and prepare for childbirth, physical activity can help you during pregnancy.

During exercise all the cells of our body are saturated with oxygen, it activates the metabolism.For pregnant women, it is especially important now because the oxygen required for normal work of all its organs working for two.If a pregnant woman moves a little, it suffers from oxygen deficiency, above all, her baby in her tummy.

Coaching organism is not necessarily serious sports, you can perform even the elementary charge.All pregnant women, it is important

to perform special exercises.Even if you engage in only 10 minutes, but every day, the benefits would be substantial.

can attend classes in water aerobics.Classes in the water is very helpful for new moms.Firstly, to perform exercises very easy since there is no water in body weight in full.Secondly, there is a natural breathing exercise: while as my mother is immersed in water, briefly holding the breath, baby gets used to the temporary cessation of oxygen.Only it is important to keep the water in the pool that you have chosen, and often cleans well, better not chlorine and silver ions.

Take yoga.Experienced instructors say that to master this technique in a very lightweight and can be any woman at any time during pregnancy, but only under the supervision of a trainer.The fact that some of the asanas (twisting, bending forward at the feet) are contraindicated expectant mothers.Classes focusing on proper breathing, relaxation techniques, and the development of the abdominal muscles and the perineum.Many of the exercises are intended to relieve the spine, which during pregnancy is often worried about pregnancy.

crucial and daily routine pregnant.Sleep is necessary (and send the husband and relatives "should be!") Up to 12 hours a day.This time includes both nighttime and daytime sleep.Visit the open air is also necessary.Universal exercise for unsportsmanlike moms - walking and walking outdoors.Of course, if the long walks you already can not afford, so sit on the bench in the park, or even on the balcony.Give the body of fresh air!He is now need much more oxygen than before.Remember that enrich the body needs vitamins and trace elements, a good rest and health maintenance for you now the most important job.And it is more important than any problems at work, and dirty dishes.Remember you have a maternity leave, assistance to colleagues at this time - your personal initiative.You do not owe anything to anyone!Home affairs and the husband can do.Working?It's okay, you're working and have time to cook and clean, even in the second trimester of pregnancy.And he will cope with this, a few weeks of work on the house still did not kill anyone.

Do not forget about the positive emotions.Is not confined to dealing with Zhyvotkov.Meet with friends and family.
Just a little bit, a little longer and the light will be your long-awaited baby.That's how he became acquainted with the world depends on you and on you.Get ready, the wait is very long.