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The need for calcium during pregnancy

We all know that calcium is the main component of bone and tooth tissue.And the fact that the need for calcium during pregnancy increases a woman, too, we all know, because this mineral is now spent on the needs of the baby.Knowing this, future moms prescribe calcium supplements themselves.As a result, the bones of calcium pereizbytochnogo fetus becomes inelastic decreases fontanelle.But in childbirth skull bones must be compressed to facilitate the passage of the baby through the birth canal.If the compression of the head does not occur because of the hardness of bones and overgrown fontanelle, the much higher risk of birth injury, both for the mother and for the baby.And after the baby is born premature closure of the fontanelle may provoke increased intracranial pressure.

overabundance of calcium is harmful because in deriving its surplus loaded excretory system, particularly the kidneys.But unborn babies kidneys are not yet functioning, it can not get rid of the excess calcium that is stored in the


lack of this important element just as harmful.Calcium - is a kind of building material for the body of a baby in the womb.He's angling for the proper formation and development of all body tissues, including nerve cells, internal organs, skeleton, eyes, ears, hair and nails.From the amount of calcium absorption during fetal development will depend on the physical and mental development of the child after birth.

through the placenta to the fetus receives about 250-300 mg.This trace element daily.During pregnancy, the child's needs in the womb always come first.And they met in the first place.If the body of the pregnant woman and the residual calcium is enough for two, the mineralization of bones and teeth baby laying will take place without prejudice to its bone.

When insufficient calcium developing fetus will take it from the bones and teeth of the mother.As a result, pregnant women there is a softening of bones, increased brittleness and deformity of the teeth, can develop a weakness of the heart muscle.

main sources of calcium there is - soft cheeses (eg, Adygeya, Mozzarella, Suluguni) and other dairy products: milk, cheese, yogurt, yogurt, fermented baked milk.And remember that calcium is absorbed better of those products, which have less fat.Quite a lot of calcium found in walnuts, legumes (beans, soybeans), broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, celery, parsley, fruits and berries (gooseberries, currants, strawberries, cherries), raisins.It is also a valuable source of calcium are the eggs and salt-water fish.

Mom can receive a daily allowance of calcium, if competently make your diet.

product containing calcium

Max product

of number of Ca in the product

Cottage average fat content



Yogurt 2,5%



Milk 3,2%



Adygei cheese, mozzarella



Boiled Beans









Dried figs






Every day our body needs calcium, but he does not know how to make stocks of mineral matter.The body will take calcium from food as much as he needs it today.Therefore it is necessary to secure a regular intake of calcium.If the woman is healthy and every day uses sufficient foods containing calcium, then it does not necessarily take extra calcium pharmaceuticals.For the best of its assimilation is preferred that this important element enters the body in its natural form, that is, from the food.Only in this case ruled an overdose.Excessive consumption of synthetic calcium in the tablets may lead to the formation of sand and even kidney stones in women.

Some foods slow down the absorption of calcium in the intestine.These vegetables - spinach containing acids that interact with calcium to form an insoluble salt.Fats and simple carbohydrates (sweets, biscuits, jelly) also impede the absorption and assimilation of calcium.Violate the calcium metabolism in the body of coffee, Coke, and various meat products manufacturing factory (smoked sausage, ham).Such products are generally better excluded from the diet during pregnancy.Do not wash down the curd strong coffee or tea - in a combination of calcium is absorbed poorly.

When will face a lack of calcium, in these cases, your doctor may prescribe calcium supplementation tablets.But keep in mind that before the popular tablets of calcium gluconate, as well as coral or sea calcium poorly absorbed, as are inorganic form of that element.Is recommended as a natural source of calcium used eggshells.In its microelement composition is very similar to human bone tissue.

To prepare the powder well wash raw chicken eggs (the perfect option would be homemade eggs, freshness are you sure).Free them from the content, remove the inner foil and dry.Dry Peremel shells on a coffee grinder.About the recommended dose check with your doctor (usually half a teaspoon per day).Previous use of powder that must be repaid with fresh lemon juice.In this case, a soluble compound - calcium citrate, which is the best way to digest the human body.

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