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Feelings before birth during pregnancy

And he hints: approximately 2-4 weeks before the birth you begin to occur metamorphosis, caused by changes in hormonal levels and the position of the fetus.This is the harbingers of births, signaling that you are ready and the baby, and your meeting close.

Breathing becomes easier
Many women in approximately 2-3 weeks before the first delivery point the feeling that his stomach as though changed shape and became lower.As a result, it became easier to breathe, but that's more difficult to walk.Some may even appear painful sensations in the legs and abdomen.The reason for these changes is that the lower segment of the uterus is softened and the child pressed against the entrance to the pelvis.Do all pregnant women appear to describe the feeling?No, it all depends on the constitution of women.However, your obstetrician will not miss this event.He finds it to examination, determining that the height of standing uterus become smaller.Look into the card exchange: figures prompt!
Due to the fact that the st
omach dropped a little and change its shape.High stomach was like a shelf, hands and strive to lie down on top of her.When are prenatal change, the upper part of the abdomen becomes flat.

We run to the toilet more often
Increased urination occurs for two reasons.Firstly, to increase the uterus presses on the bladder, and the urge to urinate is formed with a smaller filling it.Secondly, the increased blood flow to the kidneys, which leads to a more intense formation of urine.The idea behind this mechanism is as follows: going to get rid of excess fluid accumulated during pregnancy.Blood clots in the body of a pregnant facilitates the processes of coagulation, which is a natural prevention of excessive bleeding during childbirth.On the hormonal changes and increased tone of the uterus and intestines react.This is fine if the chair became softer in consistency and recover you several times a day.Against the background of such a prenatal body cleansing your weight may be slightly reduced (about 1-2 kg).

Everything is under control!
Now your body does not behave as before.Do not be afraid of new experiences before birth during pregnancy, they are symptoms of an illness!
visits to the gynecologist in late pregnancy should occur often.The doctor will examine you and will listen to heart baby.Cheerleaders standing in these symptoms: stinging during urination, fever and changes in stool.

Psychological preparation
noticed that even superactive business lady, who spent the entire pregnancy in the office, on trips and seminars, customized on it to go to work immediately after the birth of a baby, suddenly the end of pregnancy begin to "nest."Nesting psychologists dubbed the instinctive desire pregnant prepare your home for the arrival of the long-awaited baby.I would like to put things in order, to get rid of trash, buy a dowry baby and choose a cozy place for the crib.Of course, breeding - it is only indirect oschuscheniyapriblizhayuschihsya birth, but many pregnant describe such desires.If the instinct woke up in you, do not peretruzhdaetsya!Draws for the purposes of her husband, girlfriend or mother.They are happy to help!

Dress rehearsal
5-7 days before childbirth "wakes up" the main body container of miracle: the uterus.The woman feels the contractions that the mechanism and manifestations close to true.The main difference between them - less pronounced intensity, short duration and irregularity.Women giving birth for the first time, the feeling before birth during pregnancy can seem quite strong.However, for the pain is gone, it is enough to just walk.Please note: "driving" voltage uterine contractions and observed since the 30 th week of pregnancy (also called false Braxton-Hicks contractions).They are expressed in the tone of the uterus.Pain and pulling sensation during pregnancy are not available.During predictive contractions occur cervical preparation for childbirth: it shortens and begins to open.If painful, intense battle began before the 37th week of pregnancy, they are regarded as a threat of premature birth.Pregnant women may put on saving the hospital.After 37 minutes a week in this syndrome is enough to observe their condition at home.If contractions become regular, that is repeated at approximately the same time period, the duration of the "waves" fight increases, and the interval between them is shortened - this offensive births!

And if your water has broken?
By the end of pregnancy, the amount of amniotic fluid is 0.5-1 l.It happens that they go before the start of labor - when it comes to preterm rupture of membranes.Note the time, pay attention to the color of water and try as soon as possible to get home.If within a few hours of battle did not start - you should consult an obstetrician-gynecologist.