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Potted plants: cypress

cypresses found in stores of various shapes - trimmed in the form of small trees, shrubs, in the form of a pyramid.Cypress is very similar to a live Christmas tree, only in miniature, so the plant can give the New Year.Sometimes the New Year in stores cypress special sprinkle glitter, so it looks more festive and more like a Christmas tree.However, this plant is not worth buying, as it shines harm, better to give preference cypress in its natural form, without the glitz and toys.A cypress tree if desired, can decorate a colorful rain or paper toys.These decorations are light and do not harm the plant.

Cypress refers to the unpretentious coniferous plants, but does not tolerate the winter season of high temperatures and dry air.Cypress is developing rapidly.Cypress can be original and unusual decoration of New Year's Eve, instead of ornate cypress require a bit of attention and love.

Care cypress

Lighting. As for the location and lighting, the cypress house plants like bright diffused light with s

hade from direct, bright sunlight, especially in summer.In winter, cypress must be placed in a bright room.If summer cypress contained in the open windowsill, then in the winter cypress should be put as close as possible to the light, which contain it until spring.If cypress lack of light, it starts to stretch and lose shape.The excess of the light leads to yellowing of leaves, which inevitably leads to fall off.The room, which contains cypress should be aired.

temperature. winter, cypress contained in a moderately cool room at a minimum temperature of 5 degrees, is considered the optimum temperature 8-10 degrees.From late spring to late summer the plant is advised to grow in the open air, while protecting against drafts, and be sure to provide pritenenie.Do not place the cypress plants near a radiator, as hot air is harmful for cypress.

watering. From spring until autumn the cypress should be watered abundantly.In the winter - in moderation.Keep earthen room is not dried and pereuvlazhnyat is detrimental effect on conifers, especially peresushka.Winter watering depends on the temperature of content, if present in a cypress 8 degree temperature, the need to pour every ten days if the temperature of the contents brought closer to 12-14 degrees, the watering is performed five to seven days once.

feeding. Cypress - plants that need feeding during the period from May to August, feeding takes place every thirty days.In order to feed liquid fertilizer is taken to a special houseplant.Take should be half the recommended dose.In winter, fertilizing depends on the temperature of the contents and is held every three to five weeks.

Humidity. To maintain humidity cypress recommended spring and summer regularly sprayed.In warm winter in the plant also need to spray in the morning and in the evening, be sure to warm water, if cypress contained in a cool room, you do not need to spray.Cypress is better to keep a moderately humid room, but it should not be excessive moisture.If cypress contained in cold winter conditions, it should be watered after the substrate has dried completely.

transplant. repot the plant cypress can be in the middle of spring, young - every year more than adults - as needed.Transplant them to be careful while taking care not to damage the roots of the plant, since the roots of cypress injury could not move.Therefore it is recommended to handle the plant with partial replacement of the substrate.Fully transplanted to the substrate replacement is advised, if necessary.During the dive replaced only the land, which is separated from the free roots.

cypress taken to land the following composition: turf ground, sand, peat (in the same amount), ground sheet (one of the more).Cypress grows well in loose soil, the transplant is not worth much to bury in the ground root neck, this plant will die.At the bottom of the container must be good drainage.

reproduction. Reproduction woody cuttings is possible not only in the spring, but in summer.The process of reproduction rather laborious, it is because it is difficult to take root cuttings.Therefore advised to use rooting stimulants.The soil temperature at the same time should be about 18 ° C.Besides temperature must be high humidity.

Seed these houseplants reproduce less frequently, usually in the spring.

difficulties growing

The plant has yellowed leaves.This is due to dry air, water shortage, lack of nutrients, the excess calcium.

tips of the leaves turn brown.Perhaps the plant is kept in the room with dry air, lack of irrigation, or it is exposed to cold air.

What carries the danger:

  • dry air;
  • water shortages (peresushka soil leads to death of the plant);
  • lack of light;
  • shortage of nutrients, including calcium;
  • the impact of cold air.

All these factors lead to yellowing, drying and leaf fall.Either the tips of the leaves become brown.


spider mite infestation mainly in excessively dry air.The leaves and twigs occurs between the web.The leaves wither and fall off.To combat used aktellik 0.15% solution (a solution prepared as follows: 1 liter of water one to two mL) as a spray.

scale insects and Coccidae.These pests suck the cell sap, however, not only on the surface of leaves and stalks but appear brown patches.As a result, the leaves wither and fall off.Mechanically it is impossible to collect all the cypress pests, so the plant is advised to wash or spray the 0.15-percent solution aktellik (diluted: 1 liter of water one to two mL).To conduct such a procedure is necessary to repeatedly.

to deal with these "enemies" of cypress, you can use a warm shower, soap solution and spraying with a solution aktellik.For the recovery required moist air!

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