Sleeping quick action that can be bought without a prescription

How to deal with sleep disorders?

worth noting that the independent choice of sleeping pills - only a temporary remedy.Regular use of certain drugs is addictive.Yes, you can actually sleep, but in the morning will feel overwhelmed and totally rested.

  • Consult a doctor-a sleep that will give you some tips on sleep hygiene.You may not need to buy a strong sedative
  • buy sleeping pills without a prescription, you can, but they are far from harmless means as addictive
  • take such drugs on a regular basis is impossible.The maximum duration of the course - two weeks.

A few ways to help overcome insomnia and get a sound sleep.

Which drug you choose?

Suppose you still decide on their own to deal with insomnia and buy some sleeping pills.Strong funds available only by prescription.But there are also those that can be purchased without a prescription.

  • melaxen.It is relatively soft drug which is released in the tablets.It is recommended to take one tablet per forty minutes before anticipated bedtime.As is known, many strong hypnotics addictive and decrease of a
    ctivity during the day.But Melaksenu this does not apply if you take it in small doses and for no longer than two weeks.
  • Donormil falling asleep faster and make deeper phases of sleep.It is recommended to take half a tablet for five days.In rare cases, the dosage is increased until a single tablet.If you do not exceed the duration of the course, you'll be sure that the drug does not cause addiction.
  • valerian tincture or Leonurus drops.These folk remedies are considered the most soft because of its natural origin.If you have the opportunity to collect or buy these herbs, you can make yourself a sleeping pill.
  • Valocordin also quite strong sleeping pills, which not only affects sleep disorders, but also has a general calming effect.This has the same effect and Corvalol.
  • without a prescription, you can also buy New Pass or Persia.They are aimed not so much at combating insomnia how to calm the nervous system, so their effect is rather mild and not addictive.

Several drugs that help fight insomnia

How to make a sleeping pill?

various tinctures that can positively affect the quality and duration of sleep, it can be made at home.

  • For this purpose, herbal-based valerian, motherwort, peppermint and hawthorn.
  • Pour boiling water over dried herbs and leave to infuse in a warm place, then strain.
  • Later they accept it as such concoctions as needed.
  • The same principle can prepare an alcohol tincture.Although its effect is not so strong, but in some cases helps to sleep and relax.

A few tips to help make yourself a sleeping pill

If you can not sleep, rapid intake of sleeping pills would be only a temporary solution.The first thing to understand the causes of insomnia and try to eliminate them.The easiest way to become a walk in the fresh air before going to bed and not too extensive dinner.In any case, if you can not sleep, do not start taking rapid self-hypnotic, but primarily to get medical advice.