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General information about the hibiscus.

No matter how unpretentious the plant, care for him all the same necessary.And the main thing to do it correctly, so he pleased his regular flowering.

cultivation and care of hibiscus bush hibiscus

not tolerate frost and drought, preferring a rich moist soil.The place where your plant will be, should be protected from sun and wind.Best flowering hibiscus can achieve it on the ground, open to the sunlight.Nevertheless, even in the absence of the flower does not wither, but significantly delay the development and flowering.The ideal temperature for the bush - about 20-25 degrees above zero.In winter, keep it recommended at temperatures below 13 degrees.

Proper care of hibiscus guarantee its beautiful and blooming.

When the weather is too hot weather and your Asian friend falls under the direct sunlight, it is best to carry it into the shadow.Experienced growers say, and the need to "teach" the flower to the sun, so in the summer, when the heat subsides in the street, carried him into the yard, a balcony or terrace.When watering try to make sure that the soi

l always a little humid, especially in hot weather.


hibiscus bush propagated using grafting in July, August, March and February, but, if desired, it can be done throughout the year.There are no special knowledge in breeding of Chinese rose not quite suitable for rooting ordinary water, even though the preferred option is a uniform mixture of peat and sand.The optimum temperature for reproduction - 25 degrees.If done correctly, in 3-4 weeks take root stalk.

Tips reproduction Hibiscus (China rose)

What if the leaves turn yellow hibiscus?

If this happens, then you are wrong cared for flower.Plants, alas, can not speak, it remains somehow point out our mistakes, we admit.The most common error is:

  1. not enough poured or vice versa, making it too hard.We must remember that in the summer the plant needs more water, and soil at the same time to be constantly moist and not dry out.It is recommended to spray the leaves every day.In winter, watering should be reduced, spray once a week.
  2. Lack of sunlight, or an abundance of it.Again, again, when the plant is exposed to direct sunlight, and even through the glass in hot weather, it is likely burns.Expose it to the window sill or on a terrace or balcony in the morning when the sunlight intensity is much lower.If the flower is constantly in the shade, the leaves turn yellow and can slowly fall in.
  3. Failure temperature.Although Asian and unpretentious in this matter, some do forget that the plant - a living, and the temperature is 40 degrees and above, as well as the temperature of 1-5 degrees above zero - too much even for him.Keep it within + 18-30 Celsius.
  4. Pests, pesticides and excess fertilizers - all this, as in the above cases may cause yellowing.Try to always comply with the measure.

We describe how to cure hibiscus bush if he leaves turned yellow.

Chinese call hibiscus flower of love and beauty.It is hard to disagree with them, looking at him.Create a rose comfortable conditions for life, and for many years it will delight you, carrying the love and beauty you.