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How to plant flowers at the cottage

Experienced gardeners know - to suburban area almost all year round, except for the winter months, enjoy the bright colors, for planting flowering plants need to choose a way that took into account their flowering season.

continuous flowering - one of the basic principles of professional designers when working on the creation of landscape projects.And if you want to enjoy a flourishing site as many months of the year, carefully review the timing of flowering garden plants that are going to land.

So, planting early varieties of crocus, hellebore, daisies, Proleski, daffodils and tulips, already in early spring you will enjoy its flowering.

end of spring - early summer are the times of flowering jasmine, peony, lilac, bells, Levkoev, early varieties of roses, dahlias, zinnias and lilies.

In the second half of summer blossom mallow, cornflower, annual aster, continue through September rose flowers, perennial asters, lilies and dahlias.

And finally, the first frost in your garden will meet pe

tunia, marigold, osteosperum, chrysanthemum, tansy.

Decorating your country site colors, do not forget about composition and color harmony of your flower beds, properly select plants height and color.

Take on arming techniques of landscape design and planting flowers to use different elements, not just the traditional beds, which are the areas of regular geometric shape, with a small rise, but the ridges - long beds along the tracks, various buildings and grounds,a width of 0.5 to 3 meters and a height flush with or slightly above the lawn.

An impressive frame garden paths will also curbs, everything for which the plants are planted in rows along the tracks, or 10-50 cm wide beds.

will look very impressive on the site mixborders - located in a natural planting stacked and multigroup planting flowers, chosen by type so as to ensure that they bloom from early spring to late autumn.Mixborders often bordered on the edge of a border planting.

Flower, unlike the beds, does not have a regular geometric shapes, and colors in it planted in a free picturesque, however, the flower bed is the most common design of suburban areas.

And do not forget about the so-called vertical gardening to your site, which will help you climbing plants - clematis, climbing roses, nasturtium, bougainvillea.

When choosing summer plants also take into account the complexity of care still is a cottage not a place of permanent residence, it is recommended to select those varieties of flowers and ornamental plants that tolerate periodic lack of moisture, resistant to various pests and little susceptible to diseases.

We should not forget that perennial crops require less care and attention than annuals.Especially good for the country site will be flowering shrubs - lilac, jasmine, acacia.Also well-established perennials are lilies, peonies and dahlias.

Climatic conditions - also an important factor in the choice of colors for your summer cottage.No matter how attractive did not seem to you a picture of a flower on the packaging, do not buy it, this plant is not your climate zone.

choosing seeds and bulbs of plants at planting and maintenance, follow the instructions on the package, observing the climatic conditions to which the plant is adapted to the time and depth of planting, the recommended composition of the soil, the frequency of watering and lighting requirements of the site.

When buying the planting material in specialized nurseries also closely will question experts about all the nuances of caring for the plants.

Do not forget to insulate the roots of perennial plants with a protective film or sawdust to prevent them from freezing, and the excavated tubers and bulbs stored in a dark, dry and cool place.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to turn the land into a favorite holiday place for recreation you and all members of your family, because you know how to plant flowers in the country.

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